Tai Lopez Net Worth 2020

Tai Lopez Net Worth, Income source, Earning, Biography 2020

Some people are famous because of their extraordinary skills, some are because of their unique talent and then there are the people who are famous for being in controversy. Tai Lopez is one of them. He is famous for being rich and for his capability to make money fast. He has made investments in many multi-million dollar companies which are doing good business. Here is the information about Tai Lopez earning, salary, Forbes rich status, biography.

Tai Lopez Net Worth 2020 – $3.5 million, Income Source, Life


He is also a motivational speaker. He is popular as a TEDx talker who gives speeches about money making etc. His desire to share knowledge has made him popular on many other social media platform too. He is also a voracious reader to keep adding something new to his knowledge bank. He owns a Youtube channel “tailopezofficial” on which he uploads videos of him talking about his perception of different aspects of life. He talks about the difficult situation we all face in our life and how to overcome them. There are many allegations against him that he is a scam and is primarily famous because of his ability to deliver an influential speech which puts him in the category of controversial celebrity. His popularity skyrocketed after his appearance on the reality TV show The Millionaire Matchmaker.

Tai Lopez Biography

Nothing much is known about Tai Lopez biography, age, personal life. According to some sources, this American businessman was born in Los Angeles, California. His grandfather gifted him a set of eleven books when he was 16-years-old. His love for reading started from then only. From an early age, he was much enthusiastic about finding answers to the difficult questions about life. He dropped out of college as he wanted to become an entrepreneur at a young age; as a result, he ended up broke and de-motivated.

The start of his fortunate career can be traced from the early 2000s when he started working in wealth management industry. He established his own wealth management company in 2007. He started owning the Elite Dating Company from 2008. Tai Lopez podcast “The Grand Theory of Everything” is one of the highest downloaded podcasts on the internet. He started his own self-improvement program “The 67 Steps” for helping people in achieving their goals.

Tai Lopez Net Worth Source

Tai Lopez earnings come from the investments he made in various companies. He also works as a financial consultant for many rich people which acts a regular source of income for him. His video uploads on his Youtube channel has a large number of views. “tailopezofficial” has over 600,000 subscribers on Youtube as a result of which he gets a huge salary and a handsome amount of cash as income in his bank account. Income from his paid service “The 67 Steps” add a decent amount of cash to the net worth of Tai Lopez. Tai Lopez net worth from all these sources is estimated to be 3.5 million dollars.


Nickname – NA

Tai Lopez Girlfriend–Kenna Alastair

Tai Lopez Profession– Investor, Motivational Speaker, Youtube Celebrity, Financial Advisor

Tai Lopez Sister/Brother – NA

Date of Birth / Birth City – 11 April 1977/ California (United States)

Tai Lopez Height – 5 feet 9 inches

Weight – 68 kg

Age– 40 years

Tai Lopez Car – Ferrari/ Lamborghini

Tai Lopez House Location – West Hollywood, California (CA), US

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