Google Net Worth 2020

Google Networth, Income Source, Share Price & Turnover 2020

A mediator plays a crucial role in someone’s life. What a mediator is? A source which can pass you the information from a Wikipedia or through its own vocabulary. What if you want to get information on correct bases in less period of time? Google is the best name click on one’s mind when he/she thinks of getting information on anything whether a person, place or thing.   Moreover, it is also the most preferred search engine of the world. So how many turnovers the company made out of it? At present Google Net Worth is 350 million dollars.

How Much Google Net Worth 2020 – 350 million dollars

Google Net Worth

Google was founded on 4th of September 1998 by Larry Page & Sergey Brin. This was a mass step towards a revolution for the internet. They had worked over it as a university search project tasks, eventually turning it to be a profitable business.  They had although land over the company top executive posts as CEO by appointing others, still they hold 15% of the company shares. Previously Google was founded for the purpose of presenting software, search engine and cloud computing representation.


 The main aim of the company is to generate and land over the world’s database/ information to the readers through an easy manner and present it in an accessible manner. Also, Google had developed itself for promoting, producing the ads on the website to push the advertisement of firms in the internet world.

By 2015, Google had opened up in a conglomerate multinational firm known as Alphabet, which is currently having one of the highest net worth in terms of share market and stakes. By 2016 Google Alphabet is beaten apple, facebook and many other renowned firms by gross annual turnover.  With annual revenue of 74.98 billion us dollars, it is ranking as one of the top firms in the world.  Very soon GOOGLE net worth gets hype when the company made more incorporation. Google work itself defines its commitment for the users in regard to the privacy policy, as the team works under the well-known slogan “Don’t be evil”. Beside this , google also let the users a facility to store and protect their data through Google Drive which is the safest platform to preserve the files. This is also a way o increase the Net Worth of Google

Google income, net worth and market shares change with every second pass. On 15th December 2012, google launched its social network portal Google+ which is another source of income as well as to publicise the working, daily activities, videos/photo uploading and much more. Google annual turnover makes a huge growth by 2012 when the company decided to move on for the communication sector. With this approach, Google bought the Motorolla Company under its banner and thus introduce low beget Nexus devices.



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