The Great Khali Net Worth 2020

The Great Khali Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

Although India happens to be one of the most popular destination of the World Wrestling Entertainment stars, it must be noted here that not many wrestling superstars have been representatives of India in the famous wrestling entertainment show. For decades, the kids of the nation have cheered for stars from the various parts of the world. But then, finally with the introduction of The Great Khali, WWE fans got enough reason to cheer for the Punjabi giant from the nation. Today, we would be talking about The Great Khali net worth, income, salary, fees, earnings and much more of the related stuffs.


Khali – The Punjabi Playboy:

Real named Dalip Singh Rana, Khali was born to parents Tanvi Devi and Jwala Ram in Himachal Pradesh. Dalip had along with him six more siblings. This forced him to do a few odd stuffs daily, to make the ends meet. In the same attempt, Dalip ended up being a security guard in Shimla which helped him earn Khali salary for the first time. Here he was spotted by a police officer who resides in the locality and it was with his help that Dalip got a job in the Punjab Police. After shifting to Jalandhar, he started training in the local gymkhanas. He does not inherit his gigantic figure from his parents. They are both of normal heights, though his grandfather was seven feet tall. Khali height is in lieu of the fact that he suffers from acromegaly which has the effects of gigantism and chin protrusion.

   In All Pro Wrestling, Dalip made his debut as Giant Singh. His career in WWE started from this and this was one of the first ways how the Great Khali income started increasing. After this, he has been a part of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre of Mexico and the All Japan Pro Wrestling of Japan. This was when Khali earnings started riding at a very significant rate. In the year 2006, Khali signed the contract with WWE, being the first Indian in the history to do the same. Khali had a great rift with the Undertaker right from the beginning of his career. He has defeated quite a many superstar ever after his introduction to the sport.

The net worth of Khali:

Apart from Wrestling that has been the most important source of income for Khali, he too has been a part of some reality shows and television series. He has also been the eye candies of some of the well-known producers for movies. Khali age and height have earned with some of the most appealing roles in movies. He also has opened a wrestling institution in Punjab, named the Continental Wrestling Entertainment. All these surely give a much-needed boost to Khali income. We hope that in the days to come, Khali would be in his best health and he continues to carry on with the Great performance in professional wrestling and also in any further venture that he is associated with.

The Great Khali Age, Car, House, Wife, Girl friend, Height & Weight

Nickname – Khali

The Great Khali Wife / Girl Friend – Harminder Kaur

Date of Birth / Birth City27 August 1972/ Dhiraina, Himachal Pradesh,India

The Great Khali Height Feet7’1

Weight 157 Kg (Approx)

The Great Khali Age 43

The Great Khali House Location – India

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