Undertaker Net Worth 2020

Undertaker Net Worth, Earning, Salary 2020

Some call him the Punisher; some Big Evil is none other than “The Undertaker” was born as Mark William Calaway in the year 1962. He was raised in Texas as the youngest of five brothers and has been a professional wrestler since 1984. The Undefeated Undertaker net worth is $16 million. He is also popular as Texas Red and the Master of Pain was named as Mark William Calaway in real life.


Undertaker Biography

Undertaker Biography

The Punisher Undertaker is by birth belongs to the Caucasian Ethnicity. Undertaker birth place is Houston in Texas. He was married twice; the former one was   Michelle Mc Cool.  Undertaker Weight is 136 Kg which turns to 299 lbs and Undertaker height is 6 Feet 10 inches which is equivalent to 2.08 meters.  His main source of wealth is Wrestling, and Television and World Wrestling Entertainment.  Undertaker was born on 24th of March in 1965 made his debut in the arena of Wrestling in 1984.  Soon, he left the company to deal with Continental Wrestling Association followed by World Champion-ship Wrestling.

Round his entire professional career in wrestling, this man has had been an 8 time World Champion, where he won 4 WWF and WWE Championships title, three World Heavyweight Championships. The Master of Pain was a one-time USWA i.e. Unified World Heavyweight Champion certified. In addition to being a Tag Team Champion once, he has also won the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship for 6 times. This man has also been popularly known as the conscience of the WWE and has named the title of Royal Rumble in the year 2007.

He was undefeated at Wrestle-Mania with a smashing record of 18-0 and bagged the title of 6 time world champion.  With World Championship Wrestling he signed with the name of “Mean Mark Callous” in the year 1989, but then switched his name to “Kane the Undertaker” when he amalgamate with the World Wrestling Entertainment.

Undertaker aka Mark William has 4 children and was married twice before meeting his current wife, former wrestler Michelle McCool.  The Lord of Darkness is an avid boxing fan and enjoys the mixed martial arts.

The Big Evil Calaway also invests in the real estate with his business partner, Scott Everhart, which increases his net worth. Mean Mark callous is philanthropically too and is active in the charity which he formed with his ex-wife Sara named as “The Zeus Compton Calaway save the Animals Fund”. It assists in the handling of large breed dogs. The American Bad Ass professional wrestler Undertaker has a net worth of $16 million.

According to a popular magazine Forbes 2016, Mark William Calaway aka Undertaker earning is around $1,500,000 per year. Now you know how much Undertaker net worth is. Mark William market value is of around $4,450,000. If still he continues then next year his expected payroll will be $1.85 million.



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