Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth 2019

Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is definitely one of India’s greatest cricket players. He was born in April 24, 1973 in Bombay, India. His father is an acclaimed novelist while his mother worked for an insurance company.

How much does Sachin Tendulkar Net Worth 2019 – 160 Million Dollar

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Sachin Tendulkar Biography

He grew up with his two half brothers and a half sister. It is said that his older half brother introduced him to the game in a bid to keep him occupied and from causing trouble. Today, Sachin Tendulkar is world famous and revered in the cricket circles as he is considered one of the top batsmen in ODI.

It is not only in India that he is accorded celebrity status. He is an icon and he has achieved such incredible feats in his long career as a professional cricketer. His star started rising back in the 1990s when he was but a young man. He has received award after award both nationally and internationally. He was awarded India’s highest sporting honor and India’s highest civilian award – the youngest person and only sportsperson to receive this award to date. He gained even more recognition at the beginning of the millennium when he was named the Player of the Tournament in the Cricket World Cup of 2003.

He has broken world records and made history too. He became the first ever athlete in ODI history to score a double century. With so much success and such great achievement, it comes as a no surprise that Sachin Tendulkar net worth is worth discussing. Sachin Tendulkar net worth started growing from as early as the 1990s. His source of income comes from playing cricket and of course from landing major investment deals.

Forbes estimates Sachin Tendulkar net worth at a whooping $115 million. In 2012 alone, he made earnings totaling to about $35 million with $18.6 million from salary and winnings and the rest from endorsement deals. In the following year, sponsorship deals from Adidas, Coca-Cola, Toshiba and Castrol made the bulk of his earnings bringing in an astounding $18 million. His salary was estimated at $4 million while his annual contract with Coca-Cola was sealed at $1.2 million. His magnificent and sprawling home in West Parry Cross Road, Bandra in Mumbai is estimated to be worth at least $7.9 million.

Fondly referred to as Bombay Bomber, Little Master and Master Blaster among other nicknames, Sachin retired from IPL in May 2013 – after nearly quarter a century in action. He is also a shrewd business man who used his celebrity status and fame to grow his net worth. He owns and co-owns several flourishing businesses in India including two restaurants, co-owns the Kochi ISL team and he was set to venture in a fitness products investment. In 2012, Forbes named him #51 on their Top Richest Sportspeople list. Sachin Tendulkar net worth continues to grow because the ripples of his achievements continue to be felt.

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