Tom Cruise Net Worth 2020

Tom Cruise Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

Have you heard of the famous Tom cruise? Well, I will tell you who this guy is and basically what is so important about him.

How much does Tom Cruise Net Worth 2020 – 480 Million Dollar

Tom cruise biography

Tom Cruise Biography

To begin with, who and what’s Tom Cruise net worth?

Tom Cruise is an American actor and filmmaker born on July3, 1962.He has a height of 5ft 7.75in, that’s approximately 172 cm. Amazingly, the above celebrity started of his career in the year 1981 at the age of 19 in the film Endless Love.

Cruise marriage life

Tom cruise has married thrice!

He started dating the actress Katie Holmes in the year 2005 and had their first daughter Suri in 2006.He married his queen in the on 18th November 2006 in Italy. He divorced Katie five years after.

He married his second wife Nicole Kidman in 1990 and later separated in 2001.

Finally, he married Katie Holmes in 2006, who happens to be his current wife.

Cruise life and career

The above celebrity is an actor, producer and a filmmaker.

He started off by showing his expertise and supporting roles in Taps in the year 1981 and the Outsiders the year 1983.He made a strong impression in the romantic comedy risky business which was released in the year 1983.Cruise became popular after starring the in the action movie Top Gun in the year 1986.To gain more fame, he played a role as a secret agent in the film series Mission Impossible that sets to release its fifth film series in the year 2016.Notably to mention, Cruise has starred many films such as The color of money in 1986,Rainman in 1988,Cocktail in 1986,Born on the Fourth of July. Some of the latest movies he has starred include The Lions for Lambs the year 2007,Valkyrie in 2008, Knight and Day(an action comedy )in 2010,the science post-acolyptic fiction film Oblivion in 2013.To add on this, his latest must watch movie ,Edge of tomorrow released on 2014 drew him closer to his hall of fame!

What is the estimated Tom cruise net worth ?

This celebrity is one of the biggest and highest paid actor in Hollywood. According to Celebrity Net worth, Tom cruise net worth is estimated to be approximately $450 million.


The above American actor really has a lot to thank the entertainment industry for the fame and money it has brought him.

Tom cruise estimated total earnings of 2013 amounts to $35 million. His estimated salary earning from the film Jack Reacher in 2012, amounts to $7500000 and Oblivion of 2013 earned him $20,000.

Later, he made a total of $3,000,000 after selling his Cruise New yolk Condo in 2013.


Tom cruise net worth indicates that he is truly a rich guy! The following is a list of some of his important assets he owns:

� 3 luxurious houses (Baverly Hills mansion, Telluride estate and New york Condo.)

� Two amazing cars, the Porsche 911 and Bugatti Veyron.

� Private jets like Gulf-stream-IV and Aviat-Pitts S-2B.

In a nutshell, I can tell you with assurance that Tom cruise is truly a living legend!

Got Tom cruise Net Worth?

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