Suresh Raina Net worth 2019

Suresh Raina Net Worth, Salary & Earning 2019
The nation has for long been recognized as the primary nation to have produced some of the best cricketers of all times and also in this nation, cricket is not just a game it is a religion. There are many people out there who would be cursing the fact that cricket is the most hyped game in the country and it is killing many of the other sports. Well, that being said, and well accepted, people should also try to understand that over the years in the nation, only cricket is one such sport that has been producing the best sport stars and the ones that would make a name globally and also make the nation proud right from Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar to Sachin and Sourav to Kohli and Raina, the world of cricket has seen the best cricket stars of all times being groomed in the nation. Here we would be talking about another of the best players in the world, Suresh Raina and talk about the net worth of Suresh Raina, his earnings, salary, fees and income.


Suresh Raina Net Worth

One of the best cricketers of recent days, Suresh Raina:

Born in the year 1986, this is one of those sport personalities of the nation that has off late being the hot favorite among many of the inspiring cricketers. The player is left handed middle order batsman and in the year 2005, he made his international debut against Sri Lanka. For the first class cricket, this occasional right hand off spinner rolled his hands for the Uttar Pradesh team that’s probably just when the Suresh Raina earning started. However even after making his debut at the age of 19 in the year 2005, the Indian middle order sensation took five years to make his debut in the tests and in the year 2010 he played his first international test match against Sri Lanka. The player became one of the few Indian players who have had scored centuries in the maiden test cricket match. And this made him quiet famous which helped Suresh Raina salary to increase and also his earnings. Suresh Raina was also a part of the squad that won the world cup for the nation in the year 2011. The player has also captained the national team in a few occasions and each and every time he did lead the side, he has been well praised and flaunted by the cricketing experts for his role on the field. The amazing fielder played for the Chennai Super Kings all this while and now that the team has been dissolved, we would be seeing him on the field with the jersey of the Rajkot team, named Gujarat Lions which is a prime source to increase in Suresh Raina net worth.

Suresh Raina net worth:

  The 29 year old is now one of the best players in the national team and this helps him to be one of the most famous in world cricket and Suresh Raina earnings shoot the stars. The player with the help of the Chennai Super King pay check and the payments he receives from the board on a yearly basis, that of $3 million has been able to gather Suresh Raina net worth he is worth now. Also another major source of his income or rather any of the Indian cricketers income comes from endorsements and the player earns more than 1.5 million these days doing the same this surely increases the net worth of Suresh Raina. Hope that this player continues to be a sensation in world cricket in the days to come and makes it really big for himself.
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