Jackie Chan Net Worth 2019

Jackie Chan Net Worth, Salary 2019

In kids usually fighting games are common. Even in our modern world we can see the impact of Action cinema in both Hollywood & Bollywood. These films earned high commercial success with all laymen whistling on action scenes. If you are one of them then you must be aware of Jackie Chan. Jackie is basically martial artist from Hong Kong origin turned actor, director, producer and singer. Jackie is widely applause by the stunts in his films, most of them performed by Chan himself. Jackie Chan net worth is 130 Million US dollars. He is most amiable actor among Chinese as well as Hollywood cinema.

 Jackie Chan Net Worth 2019 – 130 Million Dollar

Jackie Chan Net Worth

Jackie Chan Short Biography

Chan born on 7th of April 1954. Chan from school started practicing on Martial Art, Judoo and Karate. He started his career as an extra. He debuted in the super hit movie Enter The Dragon with Bruce Lee as stunt performer.  Due to his action stunt skills producers later on offered him major role. Chan grab these opportunity with effective manner and gained a fame by movies such as Hand of Death and New Fist of Fury. After this Drunken Master, Dragon Lord and Rush hour gained him huge net worth and earning as all movies emerged as huge success. His Police Story Series is marked with the best stunts performed ever in cinema by real hero and emerged as block buster directed by Chan himself.

Apart from acting Chan is also a prominent singer. He had vocal led his voice for various stage shows. Police Story and The Young Master contain Chan tracks. Chan had shown a variety of dexterity throughout his glorified career. Chan is having various upcoming projects for which his fans are waiting for. Jackie Chain annual income approx 50 million dollars marked him as one of the highest paid actors.  From past two to three year the martial artist hero’s movies like Dragon Blade and CZ12 had turned down the business of over 200 million dollars. This made a huge impact on his net worth which eventually gained 10 million profit for per movie.

Jackie Chan Marriage

Jackie Chan is married to Lin Feng Jiao a former Taiwanese actress. They have a son Jaycee Chan.

Jackie Chan Property

After such a successful career Jackie had mark his name in the golden words.  The 5 feet 8 inch actor net worth can be demonstrate his success. They had Jackie Chan is having a private jat legacy 650. He is having Sabru and Bentley Mulsanne cars in his collection. Jackie is very humble and lovable person in real life which depicts in his foundations which he is leading like World Smile Foundation & Dragon Heart. Jackie had also admits his love for India, he had worked with actress Malika Sherawat in super hit movie The Myth. Actor Sonu Sood will be casting with him in upcoming movie Kung Fu Yoga (2016).

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