Rasheed Wallace Net Worth 2020

Rasheed Wallace Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020
Born on September 17th, 1974, Rasheed Wallace is a former basketball player from America who played in the National Basketball Association for 16 seasons. He played with the Washington Bullets, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Atlanta Hawks, the Detroit Pistons, the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. He had a listed height of 6 ft 10 in and weighed 102 kg. After taking retirement as a professional basketball player he stayed in the NBA as an assistant coach of the Detroit Pistons. In this article, we will have a look at the net worth of Rasheed Wallace and his various earnings.

Rasheed Wallace Net Worth 2020  – $75 Million

Rasheed Wallace – NBA’s Master Of Fouls

Rasheed Wallace was born and brought up in the inner city district of Philadelphia and he began his basketball career when he was in high school. When studying at the Simon Gratz High School he earned the USA Today High School Player of the Year. After completing his senior season the Basketball Times featured Rasheed Wallace in the first team All-America. While studying at the University of North Carolina, Rasheed Wallace mastered his skills and after completing his degree was selected in NBA draft of 1995 as the fourth pick by the Washington Bullets. After playing one season for the Washington Bullets, in 1996 Rasheed Wallace started serving the Portland Trail Blazers till 2004. In 2004 he was traded to the Atlanta Hawks and after just playing a single game with the Atlanta Hawks, Rasheed Wallace joined the Detroit Pistons til 2009. He was playing the season of 2009–2010 with the Boston Celtics and decided to call it a day in the NBA but he came back in 2012 to play his final season with the New York Knicks and then bid adieu for the final time as a player. In July 2013 Rasheed Wallace came back to the NBA to serve the Detroit Pistons as an assistant coach and signed a two-year contract. Rasheed Wallace net worth instantly increased because of the two-year contract. Rasheed Wallace earnings also include being the NBA champion in 2004, featuring in the NBA All-Star four times in the years of 2000, 2001, 2006, 2008 and featuring in the NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 1996. Rasheed Wallace also has 317 technical fouls to his name, making him the player with the highest number of technical fouls in the NBA.

Rasheed Wallace Net Worth Sources

The net worth of Rasheed Wallace is $75 million. Rasheed Wallace net worth is the output of his super strong career in the NBA. Rasheed Wallace salary of the very first season in the NBA was $1,493,000 by the Washington Bullets. Rasheed Wallace also earned heavy $17,000,000 by the Portland Trail Blazers in the season of 2003- 2004. Rasheed Wallace income also includes a very good amount of money as a coach that he earned in the NBA. Rasheed Wallace also spends a part of his income in charity which makes him the guy with a golden heart.

Rasheed Wallace Age, Car, House, Wife, Girl Friend, Height & Weight


Rasheed Wallace Wife/Girlfriend Fatima Sanders

Rasheed Wallace Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth City17 September 1974 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Rasheed Wallace Height Feet6 ft 10 in

Rasheed Wallace Weight102 kg

Rasheed Wallace Age42

Rasheed Wallace Car – Camaro

Rasheed Wallace House LocationRochester Hills, Michigan (MI), US

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