Chanita Foster Net Worth 2020

Chanita Foster Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020
Chanita Foster is an American Television personality. She is the wife of famous footballer George Foster. She has been part of several reality television series. A woman of strong personality along with her acting career she has ventured into different other arena’s as well. This has overall increased the net worth of Chanita Foster. Here in this article, we present an insight into the net worth, earning and sources of Chanita Foster.



Chanita Foster was born on 1st January 1977 in Michigan. Right from her childhood days she has been a staunch believer about the importance of education. Chanita has her degree in Sports,Communication, and Photography. Having knowledge in diverse fields makes the Chanita Foster net worth had an increase.Chanita Foster rose to fame when she had first debuted in VH1’S Football Wives in 2010.This was indeed an addition to the Chanita Foster salary. Chanita is also an entrepreneur as she is the owner of several organizations like Divine Diva Photography, Urban Christian Rockstar Properties, Rockstar Publishing, Rockstar Rascals and Wife Material Custom Jerseys. This has significantly contributed towards the Chanita Foster earnings.
Chanita is an athlete too she loves playing volleyball in local leagues. She also holds a record for playing volleyball at the Chicago State University. Apart from being successful in her acting career and also as a businesswoman, she took to writing. She wrote her book Girl I’m Not Tripping, I’m Depressed in 2016 which has added to the Chanita Foster net worth. She has about 60,000 followers on her Instagram account. She also runs a non profit organization for orphans and HIV-infected woman in Africa.

Chanita Foster Net Worth Sources

The net worth of Chanita Foster is $800 thousand. The basic source of Chanita Foster income is from her roles as a television personality and also from her being a correspondent for a magazine. Being a talented woman she has huge followers and also admirers who really like her work. In near future, we are certain that the net worth of Chanita Foster will increase.

Chanita Foster Age, Car, House, Spouse, Height & Weight


Chanita Foster Spouse George Foster

Chanita Foster Sister/Brother – –

Date of Birth / Birth City1 Jan 1977 / Michigan,America

Chanita Foster Height Feet6′


Chanita Foster Age39

Chanita Foster Car – –

Chanita Foster House LocationAmerica

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