Vijay Raaz Net Worth 2020

Vijay Raaz Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020
Vijay Raaz is an Indian Film actor. A man who gives a flawless presentation of any character to us and mesmerises with his acting skills. Vijay made a proper start to his career with the movie “Monsoon Wedding”. Vijay is from a humble background and not even that handsome but his knowledge of acting and his talents has made him famous. This, in turn, has helped in increasing the Vijay Raaz net worth. We present an insight into the Vijay Raaz net worth and his various income sources.



Vijay Raaz The Unsung Hero:

Vijay Raaz was born on 30th November 1963, in Allahabad his native town. During his college days in Delhi, he was attracted to acting and theatre where he got associated with a group called The Players. His passion for acting made him take this seriously and he also did a few plays at the National School of Drama. His first major break in 2001 with the movie “Monsoon Wedding” and for his commendable acting there. This was just the beginning of Vijay Raaz income. He acted in Ram Gopal Verma’s film called the Jungle. His acting in the movie Bhopal Express was very much appreciated and it helped him to make his own position in the highly competitive world of showbiz and glamour. The success of these movies helped increase the Vijay Raaz earnings and also helped him earn more roles. His role in the movie Raghu Romeo was highly appreciated by the critics for his acting and was a hit with the audience too. All these led to an increase in the net worth of Vijay Raaz. He has been part of famous movies like Bombay to Goa, Mumbai Express, Delhi-6 and others. He has also made his debut as a director in 2014 with his movie Kya Dilli Kya Lahore. From playing comedy roles in Run to the role of a gangster in Delhi Belly he has done it all. This definitely has made a hike in the net worth of Vijay Raaz.

Vijay Raaz Net Worth Sources

The net worth of Vijay Raaz is a decent $ 40 million due to his acting career. All the movies had been received well by the audience and he also has been a recipient of an award at the Dhaka International Film Festival for his role in Raghu Romeo and had made to several nominations in his career. The success of his movies has led to an increase in the Vijay Raaz salary. Definitely in the near future, Vijay Raaz net worth will escalate further.

Vijay Raaz Age, Car, House, Spouse, Height & Weight


Vijay Raaz Spouse Krishna Raaz

Vijay Raaz Sister/Brother – 

Date of Birth / Birth City30 Nov 1963 / Allahabad(India)

Vijay Raaz Height Feet6′

Weight70 Kg (Approx)

Vijay Raaz Age – 53 Approx

Raaz Car

Vijay Raaz House LocationMumbai,(India)

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