BB ki Vines Net Worth 2020

BB Ki Vines Net Worth, Biography, Earnings, Income Source 2020

The Internet has provided an amazing open platform to expose your talent to the world. It has not only defined internet media and online entertainment in a way but has also become a key factor of career building for many Youtubers. Bhuvan Bam also known as BB Ki Vines is the most popular Youtube celebrity at this time and also one of the richest Youtuber in India. His videos are full of witty jokes and sarcasm. In most of the videos on his Youtube channel, he can be seen mocking his parents and friends, this unique style of his is very popular now and his fans eagerly wait for new videos on his channel. The estimated BB Ki Vines net worth is INR 40 Lakh.

BB Ki Vines Net Worth 2020 – INR 40 Lakh, Biography, Income


Until recently Bhuvan Bam biography remained hidden from the media but now the videos about the life of Bhuvan Bam has been uploaded by himself only on his Youtube Channel. Most of us know him as a comedian but while exploring about Bhuvan Bam biography and earnings, more interesting facts emerged out. Bhuvan Bam earning mostly consists of his earning through his Youtube channel. The fact that he Bhuvan Bam work as a singer also still remains hidden from many, BB Ki Vines salary also comes from his singing career.

BB Ki Vines Biography/ Bhuvan Bam Life Story

Bhuvan Bam is from New Delhi. He did his schooling from Green Fields School in New Delhi. From the school days, he had a keen interest in singing and comedy. He was a popular performer in his school. After completing his schooling he got admission in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi. Apart from his passion towards singing and comedy, he also is a big Rap music fan and a fan of Indian rapper Raftaar. Before becoming famous as a comedian, BB ki Vines earnings and salary was coming through his singing performance in various college fests. He was also doing live music performances in bars in Delhi. His interests in music and singing encourage him to work hard and become a talented music producer and instrumentalist. This music career further added to Bhuvan Bam net worth and earnings.

BB Ki Vines Net Worth Source

The first video on his channel was made by mistake when he was using the front camera of his mobile phone. Initially, he did not get many views on his videos, but he kept learning from his mistakes and produced more videos. Currently, there are more than 1.4 million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Also, the number of views on his videos crosses a figure of 150 million. Bhuvan Bam income through his Youtube channel contributes the most to his earning and salary. He also has a second Youtube channel on which he uploads the music videos of his original songs. After getting success online, the net worth of BB Ki Vines took a huge jump. Currently, he is planning to advance his career in movies which will increase Bhuvan Bam rich status. The estimated BB Ki Vines net worth is INR 40 Lakhs.


Nick Name– BB, Bam

Bhuvan Bam Age– 22 Years

Bhuvan Bam Girlfriend– No information Available

Car– NA

House– New Delhi

Height– 5′ 8″

Weight– 66 Kg

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