Eminem Net Worth 2020


 Eminem is one of the most potent and famous singers  the world has ever seen in terms of hip-hop and rock music. In the 2000’s he basically shone as a singer with his fabulous performances outshining over the others. From the young to the old people who have an ear for rock music do idolise rock genre of music with just Eminem. His rapping skills and accurate knowledge of the music revolutionised the genre of pop music and made him into the rock star that he is acknowledged with even today. Here in this article, we will discuss the net worth of Eminem, his earning, income and much more.


 Eminem Net Worth


 Eminem was born by the name of Marshall Bruce Mathers on 17th October  1972 in Missouri,USA. His childhood was a very disturbed one . His mother was just fifteen years when he was born and his father left them and never took care of him since he was born. Eminem always wanted to break the shackles of the society and wanted to do something out of the box. He never really liked going to the school because all he wanted to do was rap. He even disliked the idea of socialising and making friends and had nearly none. He was a school dropout after failing in the 9th standard for three times. He even had to face racial discrimination when he started rapping since he was a white and could not be easily accepted the black society of rappers. But as hard work finally paid off and his talents got noticed people started accepting him. This is when Eminem salary started rising. His major breakthrough came in 1995 when he released his first solo album. His collaborations and albums were doing fine as well. He along with four other friends had formed a group called D12 but the group was not successful because each one of them had their focus on their solo careers than the wider prospect of the group.  His career though has been a highly prosperous one with his 10 albums being featured as number one and so were his five single songs. This helped in Einem income. His worldwide sale of albums has been nearly 172 Million albums making him one of the world’s best-selling artists and earning him the title “ The King of Hip-Hop”. All his albums have been huge successes especially the Eminem Show selling worldwide and also earning him the Grammy Awards for three consecutive seasons. This was a major leap to Eminem earnings. His total collection of Grammy awards is fifteen proving his undoubtful reign in the world of hip-hop and rock music.  His contribution to music and his total success is huge in magnitude.


 His immense success with solo releases and albums truly show why he is one of the richest celebrities of all time. Mostly all the albums have been high chartbusters breaking records of all time increasing his income and also garnering him with numerous awards. The fame of Eminem strongly recommends the fact that is one of the highest paid musicians of all time and his salary is really high. The net worth of Eminem has notably increased through all the years.Eminem made $ 140 million with his Eminem show and also by endorsing brands like the apple.  He earned $ 31 million in 2015 while he was on his musical tour which added to Eminem net worth once again. Over the years we have seen his outstanding skills and there is much more to come from this rapper rising from humble grounds to being one of the richest celebrities of all time.

Eminem Age, Car, House, Boy friend, Height & Weight

Nickname – Eminem

Eminem SpouseKimberly Anne Scott

Eminem Sister/Brother – –

Date of Birth / Birth City October 17, 1972  /United States

Eminem Height Feet5’8”


Eminem Age- 44

Eminem Car – Cadillac escalade, H2- Hummer

Eminem House LocationMichigan

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