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Ivanka Marie Trump is an American businesswoman and a very well known former fashion model. She is an eminent figure in the American society with her own career and along with it, her background. She is the daughter of the newly elected president of the United States Donald Trump and his wife former model Ivana Trump. She is the entrepreneur and executive vice president of the Trump organisation inheriting a huge reality development business from her father. By immense hard work and outshining over the others she rose to this position. This article will focus on the earning and sources of the net worth of Ivanka Trump.


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 Ivanka was born in Manhattan, New York city to business tycoon Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana. Being born into a family with such magnificent business has always been a boon for her. Her years of schooling were mostly spent at the boarding school which was highly disliked by her. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics, substantially which increased her understanding of economy and business. She then joined a company by the name of Forest City Enterprises after which she created her own flagship store to sell gold and diamond jewelry. This is when Ivanka Trump salary started rising. This was her first step into business. Soon after she joined the Trump organization and started looking after its management and she is known as the “Shining Star” of the organization for her immense contribution toward’s it. She has been part of numerous social service programs one being where financial aid is given to women to start their own business. A fashionista by nature she has her own line of designer clothing, shoes, and other accessories. This helps essentially in Ivanka Trump income. A model by profession she has worked for various brands and has been part of many ramp walks. Increasing her domain she had stepped into television ad had made several notable appearances there too. Trump also wrote a book The Trump card : Playing To Win in Work and Life. This also helped in Ivanka Trump earnings. A multi-talented woman in every aspect is what can be described best about her.


 Ivanka is an heiress to a huge fortune inherited from her father the business magnate Donald Trump. She looks after the hotel management and the reality development and is part of the acquisitions and development section. The total salary received by her as the vice president of this organization is notably high. Along with it ,she has her own brand store The Ivanka Trump Lifestyle Collection which substantially adds to her income. Being a fashionista herself it was easy for her to open her own collection which sells all fashion accessories from clothing, shoes, bags, fragrances and much  more. A former model by profession her previous work stints with various brands and also modeling has helped increase her net worth. The net worth of Ivanka Trump is magnanimous and is surely all set to  increase  in magnitude as she is a young woman who has many more years in her career left. An entrepreneur and intelligent businesswoman with complete sense of economy are  surely all set to increase Ivanka Trump net worth by leaps and bounds.

Ivanka Trump Age, Car, House, Boy friend, Height & Weight

Nickname – Ivanka

Ivanka Trump SpouseJared Kushner

Ivanka Trump Sister/Brother – Donald Jr and half sister Tiffany

Date of Birth / Birth City October 30, 1981  /New York

Ivanka Trump Height Feet – 1.8 meters

Weight 64

Ivanka Trump Age- 35

Ivanka Trump Car – –

Ivanka Trump House LocationManhattan, New York City

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