Gucci Mane Net Worth 2020


In today’s modern world where basically from young to old people prefer rock music along with the uprising of nightclubs and massive impact of western culture on the world, the name of American rapper Gucci Mane stands bright. Radric Delantic Davis vocationally known as Gucci Mane is from Atlanta, Georgia.

Gucci Mane has released numerous independent albums and mixtapes and also collaborated on songs, tracks, and singles with eminent artists such as Wayne, Carey, Omarion, Jeezy and other big names in this industry.  The success of Gucci has just increased with his experience with him being the CEO of 1017 records. Here in this article, we will discuss net worth, earning and sources of Gucci Mane.


Gucci Mane Net Worth 


Gucci Mane was born on February 12, 1980, in Birmingham, Alabama. He was raised by his single mother and he had an immense interest to write poetry right from his childhood days. He developed a  further interest at the age of 14 when he took to learn rap. He started his career by signing up with SYS records as an enthusiastic young member. Thus he got his first Gummi Mane salary. Gucci also linked up with Zaytoven and made his very own LaFlare Entertainment.

His first ever album named Trap House was released in 2005. Soon in 2006 he consecutively released his second and third albums which were Hard to Kill and Trap-A-Thon. The album helped Gucci Mane earnings reach new heights. The fourth album of his Back to the Trap House was released in 2007. He went on releasing albums until in the year 2010 he produced the chartbuster, the most appealing album of his career The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted.

In between also these years he has done various mixtape title tracks, albums, single videos which have increased his income by a  substantial amount. The salary received by him from every job of his is quite high naturally. In 2012 he has released various music videos which made him easily grab the limelight and increasing Gucci Mane net worth.

Along with his singing skills in 2012, he also portrayed his acting skills along with producer Zaytoven in the movie Birds of a Feather. In 2013 he was also part of the movie Spring Breakers. Very recently, in May 2016 he released images of his upcoming own clothing collection named the Delantic.


The net worth of Gucci is indeed very high with him but also featured on the Forbes list of rich celebrities. Mane is a world famous rapper famous for his gigs, albums, and also for the music videos released by him which have been in the top viewer’s list mostly. This fetches him a lot of popularity and along with it add to his earnings. Not only with his  music skills but also his acting stint in several movies and TV shows have also been beneficial to increment his salary. Along with all these, the various advertisements, sponsorship, endorsement featuring him have been instrumental too in increasing the net worth of Gucci Mane. Indeed a man bestowed with versatile talent who has outshone over the others. His recent collection of designer clothing will also fetch him a lot of money and in return will help his fortune reach new heights.

Gucci Mane Age, Car, House, Girl friend, Height & Weight

Nickname – Gucci

Gucci Mane SpouseKeyshia Ka’oir

Gucci Mane Sister/Brother – –  One Sister: Joséphine Davis, One Brother: Throwback

Date of Birth / Birth City February 12, 1980  /Alabama

Gucci Mane Height Feet6’2”

Weight97 kg

Gucci Mane Age- 36

Gucci Mane Car – Ferrari 612 and Ferrari 458  Italia

Gucci Mane House LocationAtlanta

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