Melania Trump Net Worth 2020

Melania Trump Net Worth, Total Assets & Earnings, Forbes Rich Status 2020

A former supermodel, a fluent speaker of five languages and a gorgeous beauty, we are talking here about the future First Lady of the USA. She did a good job keeping herself away from the limelight during her husband’s election campaign. Though Donald Trump did the complete opposite and didn’t miss any news headline since the announcement of his candidature for president. Donald trump is among the richest persons in the US but his wife also owns overflowing bank accounts. She was a model in her youthful days. Apart from being the wife of a top class businessman she also owns a successful career in jewellery designing.

Melania Trump Net Worth 2020 : $11 Million


Melania Trump Personal Life

Melania Trump did not take birth on American soil. She was born in Slovenia (Former Yugoslavia) on 26 April 1970. Her father Viktor Knavs worked in a vehicle manufacturing company. She spent most of her childhood in Slovenia. She started modelling at a young age of sixteen. She completed her college from the University of Ljubljana with a degree in design and architecture. This college degree helped her to increase Marla Maples earnings after moving away from modelling. Marla Maples career as a supermodel brought her to the USA and helped her to obtain a permanent citizenship of the USA in 2006. She got married to Donald Trump on 22 January 2005. This talented woman never looks backwards in her life and always wanted to achieve the best in life.

Melania Trump Net Worth Source

Melania Trump earning began increasing with the start of her career as a model. Marrying a billionaire husband did not stop her from working towards the advancement of her own career. According to the dress she wore on her wedding was worth $ 100,000. Her wedding ring is estimated to cost approximately £1.5 million. Melania Trump net worth is estimated to be around $11 million, not considering the net worth of Donald Trump. A considerable amount of money from Melania Trump income goes to charitable trusts and social organisations.

It has not been an easy journey from a small city of Slavia to the White House but her ambition and desire to do something big with her life have brought her to this life. Looking at the achievements of Melania Trump, it is clear that she is a believer in herself.


Nick Name– –

Car– NA

Profession– Supermodel, Jewelry Designer

Melania Trump Spouse– Donald Trump

Melania Trump  Date of Birth– 26 April, 1970 (Age 46)

Child– Barron Trump

Melania Trump Height– 5′ 11″

Weight– 63 Kgs

House– New York City

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