Rahul Bhatia Net Worth 2020

Rahul Bhatia Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020
Rahul Bhatia is the name- India Airlines is the game. Rahul Bhatia isn’t among the pioneers of Airlines but is one of the mainstays as far as the present Airline business is concerned. He has turned the business into a class act, as well as gave a profitable model of growth where the others struggled. The net worth of Rahul Bhatia is high because of the business he owns, and the profit he has been able to create out of an otherwise loss business.


Rahul Bhatia Net Worth

Rahul Bhatia – Who Made Profitable Airline Business Amidst All Airlines Loss:

Rahul Bhatia is one of those hardworking guys who has taken time to develop something of value, and which will be always remembered as one of the most important additions to the country. It is this impact that has made him a household name in the airlines circuit. He was born in Kolkata, India, in the year 1955. He studied meticulously to gain admission in University of Waterloo as a Bachelor’s of Science candidate. He completed his graduation, and also completed a two-year job with IBM where the first Rahul Bhatia earning started to come. He had further ambitions of studying, until Ph.D., and enter the field of education. It, however, didn’t turn out too well, as he got somewhere else entirely. Net Worth of Rahul Bhatia shot up due to this hand of fate where he turned into some other field.
He was, apparently, destined to enter the airlines industry. Rahul Bhatia income earlier came from United Airlines for some Information Technology related work. This is the company where destiny was created. In 1985, he met Rakesh Gangwal at airlines’ headquarters, and both of them set off for a new work. They met at Chicago headquarters of United Airlines in the year 1985. Indigo Airlines, though, came in 2006.
For two years, he worked at IBM while he was still studying. The work was with regards to a pilot project to make fully automated screen manufacturing plant. Rahul Bhatia salary began at this juncture. While he was in the US, his father’s business named Delhi Express ran into trouble. It was an old travel business. He started his entreprenual journey in 1989 when he established InterGlobe Enterprises. InterGlobe not only holds Indigo Airlines, but also holds other business like restaurants, chain of Accorhotels, among others. It is a completely privately held business adding to Kapil and Rahul Bhatia Net Worth. Indigo came in the year 2006, and the rest is history.

Rahul Bhatia Net Worth Sources

Rahul Bhatia net worth has been rated at 3.4 Billion USD approximately. He is in the list of richest Indians. Rahul Bhatia earnings go beyond the billions he made. it is in establishment of a low cost airlines that he has exceeded the expectations of everyone. He has created a profitable venture which has helped himself as well as his countrymen.

Rahul Bhatia Age, Car, House, Wife, Girl friend, Height & Weight


Rahul Bhatia Wife/ Girl FriendDeepak Kochhar –

Rahul Bhatia Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth City18 December 1955, Kolkata (India)

Rahul Bhatia Height Feet


Rahul Bhatia Age- 61

Rahul Bhatia Car

Rahul Bhatia House LocationNew Delhi

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