Radhe Shyam Agarwal Net Worth 2020

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020
An industrialist, famous for his company Emami, stands out to be one of the most successful billionaires due to Radhe Shyam Agarwal Net Worth in the country. Despite being from a poor and underdeveloped family, he, after completing his studies joined various ventures and much needed worked for the betterment of the business making him earn a hefty Radhe Shyam Agarwal salary of Dollar 1.47 Billion. We present an insight into the details of Net Worth of Radhe Shyam Agarwal and his various income sources in this article.



Radhe Shyam Agarwal: The Founder Of Emami

Radhe Shyam Agarwal was born in January 1946 in Kolkata, India. He completed his college education from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He got his LLB from Calcutta University; M.Com from Calcutta University. Radhe is a Chartered Accountant from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Company Secretary from Institute of Company Secretaries of India. In 1970 Radhe joined Aditya Birla Group as vice president. In 1974 Radhe along with his school friend Radhe Shyam Goenka started a cosmetics company Emami for Radhe Shyam Agarwal salary. The company was started with a capital of $2600 borrowed from Radhe Shayam Goenka’s father. In the early days, the founders personally sold their cosmetics from shop to shop, using hand-pulled rickshaws. They soon established recurring consumer demand, and gradually hired additional staff with the aid of Radhe Shyam Agarwal earning. A chain of distributors was established and the sale of Emami products spread from West Bengal to rest of Eastern India and gradually to other states. Emami Talcum, Emami Vanishing Cream and Emami Cold Cream sold well which uplifted Radhe Shyam Agarwal Net Worth. The company’s marketing techniques were to sell dreams of beauty to Indian women using radio and TV advertising. Emami Limited is an Indian producer of fast-moving consumer goods, engaged in personal care and healthcare businesses. The company is headquartered in Kolkata. The company is well known in India for its fairness cream products for men. In 2008, Emami acquired Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Ltd for Rs.730 Crores.The Company demerged Zandu FMCG into Emami and raised Rs.310 cr through QIP thereby uplifting Radhe Shyam Agarwal income. The company became debt free within 2 years of the Zandu deal. The company’s health products unit offers tonics for colds and coughs as well as nutraceuticals. The company forayed into men’s deodrant market by launching HE brand of deodorants. Hrithik Roshan was appointed as brand ambassador for HE brand.

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Net Worth Sources

The following are the part companies of the Emami Group of Companies- Emami Paper Mills Limited, Emami Agrotech Limited, Emami Frank Ross Limited, Starmark, Emami Chisel Art, CRI Limited, Emami Cement Limited and Emami Realty Limited. He had also served as Director of West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation and Trustee of Merchant Chamber of Commerce and Industries. All these added to Net Worth of Radhe Shyam. Radhe is married to Usha Bansal and has two sons, Aditya Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal, and one daughter, Priti Agarwal Sureka.

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Age, Car, House, Wife, Girl friend, Height & Weight


Radhe Shyam Agarwal SpouseUsha Bansal

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth CityJanuary 1946/ Kolkata(India)

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Height Feet5’8″

Weight80 Kg (Approx)

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Age- 70

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Car

Radhe Shyam Agarwal House LocationKolkata

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