Naveen Tewari Net Worth 2020

Naveen Tewari Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020
Not many people know that a few of our young entrepreneurs who actually belong to a desrving lineage. A successful name in this list is that of Naveen Tewari. His attitude to think out of the box actually helped him to reach so far to become the richest entrepreneur in India. We present an insight into the details of Naveen Tewari Net Worth and his various income sources in this article.


Naveen Tewari Net Worth

Naveen Tiwari The CEO Of India

Naveen Tewari was born in the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh to Dr, Sachinand Tiwari who was a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. With the help and guidance of his father, Naveen Tewari completed his engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. His professional journey for Naveen Tewari Net Worth began with McKinsey and Company as a business analyst from 2000 to 2003 followed by a stretch in 2004, at Charles River Ventures as an Associate. In 2005, he studied at Harvard Business School (HBS) for Master’s degree in Business Administration, where he was awarded the Dean’s Award, for exceptional leadership and contribution towards the college. While at HBS, he also founded and chaired a U.S. based nonprofit organization called India Schoolhouse Fund which funds and sets up schools in rural India, with the help of Naveen Tewari Net Worth. Recently in 2015, Naveen Tewari along with IDG Ventures invested $1.2M, i.e., Naveen Tewari earning in Nestaway, which is considered as India’s largest home rental network. While studying in IIT, he met Amit Gupta and Abhay Singal, with whom he planned to start their first business mKhoj, an SMS search engine for Naveen Tewari income. Then, they pivoted their business to mobile advertising and technology platform – InMobi and moved their base to Bangalore to be in the hub of talent and technology. SoftBank, KPCB and Sherpalo are their key investors for Naveen Tewari salary. At InMobi, they re-imagine advertising to deliver real value for mobile consumers. Be it innovative ad formats that elevate the mobile experiences, or contextual & personalized recommendations that drive discovery, the products are designed to inspire, engage, and delight mobile users. The Miip platform, launched with the goal of realizing a vision, combines the power of pristine data, refreshing creative design, and powerful backend integrations to deliver advertising experience to mobile customers. While advertising is extended beyond driving brand awareness and app installed to drive transactions and sales from their mobile campaigns, consumers are inspired to shop and buy products from their mobile devices, boosting up Net Worth of Naveen Tewari.

Naveen Tewari Net Worth Sources

Naveen Tewari was awarded the title of “the Path breaker Award” by Narendra Modi in the year 2013 and 2014 consecutively. The Forbes Magazine named him to be the person behind “the Outstanding Start-up in 2014” along with the “Future Leader’s Award” by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2015. Among others, his name is among the 100 most influential person behind the most successful start-ups and also among the top 10 most important person published by Business Insider’s the Mobile Powers since 2012.

Naveen Tewari Age, Car, House, Wife, Girlfriend, Height & Weight


Naveen Tewari Wife/ GirlFriend

Naveen Tewari Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth CityKanpur(India)

Naveen Tewari Height Feet5’9″

Weight70 Kg (Approx)

Naveen Tewari Age-38

Naveen Tewari Car

Naveen Tewari House LocationBangalore

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