Priyanka Gandhi Net Worth 2020

Priyanka Gandhi Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

Politics has for long been one of those fields, that has seen people of the same family ruling the people of the constitution generation after generation. The best and the biggest example of the same is the Gandhi family. The family that has been well known as the leaders of the nation through ages and people have looked up on to them as the primary face of Congress. Be it Indira Gandhi, Rajeev Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi, the nation has some of the most influential politician from this family. Today, we are going to discuss about one such individual from the family, who has made it quiet big in Indian politics and is yet not directly attached to politics. We are going to discuss about Priyanka Gandhi net worth, salary, fees, income and salary.


Priyanka Gandhi Net Worth

Priyanka Gandhi-The Lady of Gandhi Family:

Priyanka Gandhi is one of the most celebrated political character in Indian politics today. She has been the face of some of the most influential regions of the nation although she did not contest from any, but her mere presence is enough to give boost to any party’s result. Priyanka Gandhi is the daughter of Sonia Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi. Born into the rich Gandhi family, who has ruled over the nation for a large number of years, Priyanka Gandhi net worth never knew any bounds. Having grand parents like Feroze Gandhi and Indira Gandhi, she surely had the political excellence in her character. However, she has always refrained herself from politics and feels that if she wanted to help people, she can well do it even without joining politics and she has done just the same in the constituencies of Amethi and Rai Barely, those that are held by her brother and mother. This has made her quiet a famous figure in these regions. Priyanka Gandhi salary is not drawn from any party fund, as she is not directly attached with any political party. The lady is married to Robert Vadra, the couple has two children, namely Raihan and Miraya. Altjoygh the couple had married in a perfect Hindu ceremony, Priyanka Gandhi follows the principles of Buddhism in her life and practices Vipassanā. We consider her as a political character owing to the fact that she has spent a lot of time helping people of the constituency of her brother and mother. Also, she is well known as a face of Congress in various constituency across various states.

Priyanka Gandhi Salary and Earning Sources:

Apart from the fact that Priyanka Gandhi belongs from one of the most prominent families of the nation. Priyanka Gandhi earning also has her own ways to make honest money. We hope that in the years to come, Priyanka Gandhi income and earnings would grow in the best way possible and she would be one of the most well known faces of the nation in the years to come.

Priyanka Gandhi Age, Car, House, Husband, Boy friend, Height & Weight


Priyanka Gandhi Husband / Boy Friend – Robert Vadra

Sister/BrotherRahul Gandhi

Date of Birth / Birth City12 Jan 1972 / New Delhi(India)

Priyanka Gandhi Height Feet

Weight – –

Priyanka Gandhi Age44

Priyanka Gandhi Car

Priyanka Gandhi House Location – Shimla

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