Robert Vadra Net Worth 2020

Robert Vadra Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

In the recent days, India has been a breeding house of entrepreneurs and some of them have been really famous and successful. And the best part about the same surely remains that one can start up being an entrepreneur on any particular field and having expertise in the same, can make his or her way up as one of the best entrepreneur. One such entrepreneur, who has made it real big and has been one of the most famous person in the recent days is Robert Vadra. Apart from being a business tycoon, the well known personality owns his way to fame to the Gandhi family. He is married to Priyanka Gandhi, the daughter of Rajeev Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Here, today we would be discussing about Robert Vadra net worth, income, salary and earnings.


Robert Vadra Net Worth

Robert Vadra-The land dealer:

Robert Vadra is the son of Rajendra and Maureen Vadra. He was born on the year 1969, in Uttar Pradesh. Robert’s mother was of Scottish Origin, while his father hails from Sialkot, West Punjab. Robert’s ancestors had shifted to the nation at the time of partition of the two nations. Ever since then, the family has been one of the best Indian families. Robert Vadra earnings are from the land that he buys from the company called DLF. DLF is widely considered as India’s largest real estate conglomerate. Apart from the same, a hospital named Sky Light Hospitality Pvt Ltd is owned by Vadra and his mother. All these surely help the net worth of Robert Vadra to grow in the best possible way. We must all acknowledge the fact that owing to the success that the net worth of Robert Vadra has achieved in this particular field, he shows a tremendous effort in which he had put up work all these days. Coming to a bit of Robert Vadra family life. As we all know, he is married to the woman of the present day Gandhi family, Priyanka Gandhi. The couple had met for the first time, when Priyanka was just 25 years old. The couple got the knots tied up in the year 1997. The couple are now proud parents of two children, namely Miraya and Raihan. We hope that in the days to come, Robert Vadra income and salary would be just what would be the most out of his efforts and that the nation can look upon to him as one of the best businessmen of all time.

Robert Vadra Net Worth Sources:

The sources of the net worth of Robert Vadra are surely those from the earnings that he earns by dealing with the lands. Also, he has a stable income from the hospital that he owns along with a partnership with his mother . He is one of the most celebrated personalities of the nation. We hope that the bet worth of Robert Vadra would be the most that one can expect with the hard work that he puts into his business.

Robert Vadra Age, Car, House, Husband, Boy friend, Height & Weight


Robert Vadra Wife/ Girlfriend – Priyanka Gandhi

Robert Vadra Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth City18 April 1969./ Uttar Pradesh(India)

Robert Vadra Height Feet – 

Weight – 

Robert Vadra Age- 47

Robert Vadra Car

Robert Vadra House LocationMumbai

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