Ravi Shastri Net Worth 2019

Ravi Shastri Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

Indian cricket has been one of the most celebrated sport, not only of the nation, but also all across the world at large. Almost all the nations playing cricket would agree to the fact that Indian has been one of the most cricket crazy nation and has the passion, love and respect for the sport more than any other nation who takes part in the game. Not only are the people of the nation in love with the game, but the nation has also produced some of the best cricketers over time. Today, we are going to discuss about one such cricketer, namely Ravi Shastri. Here, in this article we would be discussing about the net worth of Ravi Shastri, his income, salary, fees, earnings and such other details.


Ravi Shastri Net Worth

Ravi Shastri- The Well Known Cricketer:

Ravi Shastri is one of the well known faces in the Indian Cricket world. Then be it as a former cricketer, or be it as one of the best commentators of the world in recent days, Ravi Shastri has surpassed most others in the field and so has Ravi Shastri net worth. Ravi Shastri was born in the year 1962 in Bombay. Ravi Shastri started taking cricket seriously only when he was a teenager and started playing for his school cricket team. Ravi Shastri held the record of being the youngest player to have played for Bombay in Ranji Cricket. Ravi Shastri earnings took the sharp turn when he was selected for the national cricket team in the year 1980-81. He played his debut test cricket in the same year and made everyone spell bound by his perfect bowling stats. After having opened his account in test cricket, Shastri got the call to play in the One Day Internationals as well, within 18 months after having being selected for the test squad. His first one day international was against England in the year 1981. Apart from being one of the best bowlers of the time, one can well sence his battig abilities by the fact that the player had made up all his way from the number 10th spot in the batting order to start off the innings for his team as an oppener. This transformation in itself is a great deal for any individual. All these surely helped increase Ravi Shastri income and salary. After having completed his duties for the team in the national cricket team, it was time for him to start off with the new job at hand and that was when he started off as a commentator and finally also did help the national team as the director of tha national team.

Ravi Shastri Income and Net Worth Sources:

Well, having been associated with so many fields of the same game, the major source of Ravi Shastri salary is surely from the game itself. Apart from the earnings that Ravi has from playing for the team, he also has made quiet a lot as a commentator and also as the director of the national team. The net worth of Ravi Shastri is ever growing and we hope that it continues in the days to come.

Ravi Shastri Age, Car, House, Husband, Boy friend, Height & Weight

Nickname – Ravi

Ravi Shastri Wife- Ritu Singh

Ravi Shastri Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth City27 May 1962/ Bombay(India)

Ravi Shastri Height Feet – 6‘4″

Ravi Shashtri Weight – 

Ravi Shastri Age- 54

Ravi Shastri CarIconic Audi 100

Ravi Shastri House LocationBombay

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