Verghese Kurien Net Worth 2020

Verghese Kurien Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020
Best known as the visionary who architected India’s White Revolution, Verghese Kurien was a social entrepreneur who helped to lay the foundation of development from the grassroots. Along with initiating and increasing Verghese Kurien income and Verghese Kurien salary, he also tried to relieve the farmers from being exploited by the rich and cunning businessmen.
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Verghese Kurien Net Worth

He was born as the son of a civil surgeon in Cochin, Kerala on 26 November 1961. Even though he was born into a Christian family, he became an atheist later in life. He loved to learn and furthered his education by joining the Tata Steel Technical Institute, Jamshedpur before moving to the U.S to study at the Michigan State University on a Government Scholarship. He earned his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1948.

On his return from the U.S in 1949, the Government of India deputed him to a creamery at Anand for Verghese Kurien income, in Gujarat where he was supposed to serve five years as an officer of the Dairy division. He personally had no interest in dairy, but had to perform this job in return for the Verghese Kurien salary and government scholarship. Later, Kurien was greatly inspired by a man named Tribhuvandas Patel, who was trying his best to unite the farmers in order to form a cooperative movement and fight against the exploitation and decided to join him. Patel succeeded in forming a cooperative Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited (KDCMPUL) with the help of Verghese Kurien salary but faced immense pressure from a competing dairy business, Polson Dairy. Kurien decided to support Patel in his endeavors. Formed in 1946, The Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers’ Union Limited (KDCMPUL) soon came to be known as ‘Amul Dairy’ . H.M.Dalaya, a friend of Kurien and a dairy expert, invented a method of making milk powder and condensed milk from buffalo milk. It revolutionized the Indian dairy industry as till that point such processed items could be made only with cow’s milk, which also helped in increasing Verghese Kurien Net Worth. The Amul Dairy was so successful that the model was soon replicated in several other neighboring districts in Gujarat. In 1979, he helped to find the Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA), in addition to Verghese Kurien earning, which was based on the philosophy that effective rural development is possible only through professional management. He was honored with several prestigious awards for his relentless services to the dairy and farming communities. Some of his awards include: Padma Shri (1965), Padma Bhushan (1966) and Padma Vibhushan (1999) by the Government of India, the Ramon Magsaysay Award (1963), and World Food Prize (1989). An interesting fact about this person is that this famous personality, known as the Father of White Revolution, never drank milk himself!

Verghese Kurien Age, Car, House, Husband, Boy friend, Height & Weight


Verghese Kurien Husband / Boy Friend

Verghese Kurien Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth City26 November, 1961/Kochi(India)

Verghese Kurien Height Feet5’4″

Weight50 Kg (Approx)

Verghese Kurien Age 91

Verghese Kurien Car

Verghese Kurien House LocationMumbai

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