Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth 2020

Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

The networth of Daniel Radcliffe took a sharp surge after he amassed popularity featuring as Harry Potter. Rising to prominence quickly, this actor was embraced by stardom gracefully. Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is an English actor who achieved widespread fame as the protagonist character in Harry Potter movie series. This series consists of eight fantasy films, with its franchise, owned and distributed by Warner Bros. The entire set of movies was based on an all-time favorite novel series written by J K Rowling. The first film of the series debuted in 2001 with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It culminated with a breathtaking movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Produced by David Heyman, the series casts three main stars viz. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Most of the films earned a box office grossing of over $ 1 billion. It is not difficult to guess that Daniel Radcliffe salary would be sky high during his time as Harry Potter. Overall it is the second highest-grossing film series.


Daniel Radcliffe Net Worth


Radcliffe was born in West London, to Alan Radcliffe and Marcia Jeannine Gresham. He was introduced into the world of acting and directing early on, with his debut as David Copperfield, at the merely 10 years of age. It was based on the novel written by Charles Dickens. Thus, Daniel Radcliffe earnings started during his childhood days. Marcia was a casting agent who was involved in several films for the BBC. Both his parents had known acting as children. Daniel was educated through two independent boys’ schools. Attending school became difficult as his acting career began consuming up his schedule. Yet, he continued his education through on-set tutors. In 2000, Harry Potter auditions began. Rowling wanted an unknown British boy to play the role showcasing the ordinariness of Harry Potter. Once his career took off, there was an endless stream of work and roles for Radcliffe. Along with a booming career, Daniel Radcliffe income peaked high. In 2013, he portrayed American poet Allen Ginsberg in a mystery thriller Kill Your Darlings. Martin McDonagh’s dark comedy starred Daniel as Billy Claven. For his outstanding performance in this theater show, he was awarded the WhatsOnStage award for the best actor. In November 2015, he joined the cast of The modern Ocean along with Anna Hathway and other stars.

Daniel Radcliffe Income Sources:

Sources often give controversial facts about the networth of Daniel Radcliffe. He earned £1 million for his first Harry Potter movie. Moving up the ladder he took £15 million for the sixth movie. In 2006, the Forbes magazine rated him the richest actor and the richest teenager. He also appeared on the Sunday Times rich list in 2006. Daniel Radcliffe networth was estimated to be around £14 million in 2006. Forbes also ranked him in the ‘Most Valuable Stars’ list. By 2009, the networth of Daniel Radcliffe, as measured by the Daily Telegraph, was £30 million, which made him the 12th richest man in UK. A rising star, he soon made his to the Forbes list of highest grossing Hollywood stars with a film revenue that touched $780 millions.

Daniel Radcliffe Age, Car, House, Wife, Girl friend, Height & Weight


Daniel Radcliffe Wife / Girl Friend- Erin Maya Darke

Daniel Radcliffe Brothers/Sister-  None

Date of Birth / Birth CityJuly 23, 1989  / London, England

Daniel Radcliffe Height Feet5’5

Daniel Radcliffe Weight –  53 KG 

Daniel Radcliffe Age26

Daniel Radcliffe House Location – London

Daniel Radcliffe Car Grande Punto

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