Big Show Net Worth 2020

Big Show Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2020

A Professional American Wrestler and actor who is popular by his ring name Big Show have a net worth of $20 Million. The complete and real name of Big Show is Paul Donald Wight Jr. You can hear chants of Please retire! The crowd propelled their voice towards this 43 year old. But, The Big Giant Paul Wight probably can’t hear you all the way down there. Make yourself imagine in the position of Big Show as much money as he is making, you probably would not give any hecklers a second thought. The nasty is known to be the Giant during his days with the WCW, yet Vince McMahon re casted it when he came to the World Wrestling Entertainment.


Big Show Biography

Big Show Biography

The Giant Big Show was born on February 8 in 1972 in Aiken, South Carolina. The Big Show height is 7 feet which is equivalent to 2.13 meters and the Big Show weight is 200 Kg that is eventually equivalent to 450 lbs. After finishing the schooling Life, Paul Wight worked in various kind of jobs which includes bouncing, bounty hunting, and even answering phone calls. Famous by his ring name, The Big Show began his career or made his debut in World Championship Wrestling in 1995.

Big Show has had been world champion 7 times and is the only individual to have held the Extreme Championship Wrestling and heavy Weight championship. The Big Show aka Paul Wight has also found success in the tag team division, having been an 11 time world tag team champion. He is the winner of 24th Triple Crown and 13th Grand Slam in the history of WWE. Big Show house is in Tampa, in Florida. Currently, Big Show age is 43 years old. Paul Wight spouse is Bess Katramados blessed with three children’s.

Thereafter making a heavy impact in the world of wrestling, the nasty Big Show went on to sign a 10 year contract in February, 1999 with the World Wrestling Federation which gave the start of his initial net worth. Ultimately, he became the only wrestler in the ring who has won WWE Championship two times, WCW Championship two times. The Big Showbowski has also won the title of ECW Championship one time.

He successfully managed to make a name in the ring and outside of it as part of the Wrestling Entertainment. The Big nasty and Extreme Giant Big Show also did cameo in several Hollywood productions. He has appeared and featured in 7 movies that made a huge toll on Big Show Net worth. He made his debut in Reggie’s Prayer in the year 1996 followed by Jingle All The Way in the same year. The world’s largest athlete has also showed his high stature in Little Hercules and Knucklehead.

On coming to his personal life, Paul Donald Wight has had been married twice and currently living with his second wife, Bess Katramados. Paul has one child from his previous marriage and 2 children from his current wedlock.

The Big Show net worth is believed to be around $20 Million that is the power pack aggregate of his earnings from varied sources like films and Television, brand endorsements.

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