Mamata Banerjee Net Worth 2019

Mamata Banerjee Net Worth, Salary & Earning 2019

When the world speaks about the darker side of the politics and the political leaders world wide, Indian youth is no different to this. The youth of the nation have for long hated politics as it has always been labeled as one of the most “polluted” occupation. However, some people have always took it upon them selves to prove this wrong. One of those is Mamata Banerjee. The lady started her political career while she was still in college and it was back then that one could notice a great leader coming up to the whole world. Here we would be talking about the net worth of Mamata Banerjee, also her income, salary, fees and earnings and other such details.


The Union Minister for Railways, Kumari Mamata Banerjee addressing at the Economic Editors’ Conference-2010, in New Delhi on October 27, 2010.

Mamata Banerjee Life Imprints:

One of the most vigilant politician that the nation has ever seen, Mamata Banerjee is one of the most reputed politicians of the nation ever. Mamata Banerjee who was initially a leader of the Congress party, formed a new party of her own during the initial days of her political career and that political party is called as Trinamool Congress, where “Trinomool” means “grassroot”. The present chief minister of West Bengal perused her law degree from one of the most reputed colleges in West Bengal, but little did she guess then that Mamata Banerjee net worth would merely be from her political career and not the degree she did pursue. The lady went on to keep her fight to dethrone the Left front from the state of West Bengal. However it took a long time for the lady when in the year 2011, she finally dethroned the Left front from Bengal and succeeded Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee as the Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal. The Chief Minister claims herself to be a people’s representative stating that Mamata Banerjee Earnings are from the rightful amount that the lady receives according to the laws of the government. The party leader also claims to have established a mark for her transparent political life. However, from time to time the opposition of the party has brought up to the media or to the notice of some of the jurisdictional bodies some proofs which questions the honesty of many members of the political party. Mamata Banerjee salary is Rs 8000 per month, which enriches Mamata Banerjee income by Rs 96,000 per year. However,this earning is not part of the facilities that he receives as the chief minister of the state. The various other allowance add up to around Rs $0,000 which helps Mamata Banerjee Net Worth to grow.

Mamata Banerjee Assets:

As according to the declaration by the Chief minister, her assets add up to Rs 28,322 in cash, jewellery worth Rs 13,531,
s 1.18 lakhs in bank deposits. And also Mamata Banerjee net worth is boosted by Rs 3.12 lakhs from savings and other insurance. All the details furnished above were those submitted by the lady herself in the year 2009. After getting the rights to rule the state, Mamata Banerjee earnings have gone up cause of the allowances and the salary that the leader enjoy’s from the government.

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