Red Diamonds Discovered In Laboratories To Replace GPS System Within Decades


If you are one of those, who were waiting eagerly to know more about the driverless cars, then here is some good news for you. A tech company named Element Six has come up with synthetic diamonds, which will help replace the drivers in the vehicles. The red diamonds, which are grown in the lab are very well receptive to the magnetic waves. It seems that a defect in the atomic structure of the diamond makes it good enough to replace the entire GPS system.

Driverless Cars To Be A Reality Soon

Picture Courtesy: RMI Outlet – Rocky Mountain Institute

The red diamond, that the company has discovered is supposedly having a “Nitrogen Vacancy Defect”. The defect, according to the researchers, is at the center of the diamond. It is due to this particular defect in the synthetic compound, that the diamond has some of the stunning characters in store for the researchers and the scientists.

After several experiments on the diamonds, it is now claimed that the diamonds can sense the magnetic waves with high precision in the room temperature itself. Apart from that, it can also detect a moving car from as far as 300 meters. The researchers are now hoping that the diamonds might one day, help make their own way from one place to another, with the help of the magnetic waves that they would receive from the sun. These facilities would then take over the GPS system, which is currently the most accurate and trusted to locate a place all across the world.

Richard Bodkin, the principal researcher of the project explained, that if a device is able to understand the surroundings, then it would also understand where it actually is. This will help in getting the driver-less cars. The researcher further explained, that if all these characteristics of the device are put into a single device, then it is very much possible, that the technology will take over the drivers in the cars.

The scientists are now going into the further researches of increasing the magnetic reactivity of the substance. The researchers have also stated, that the driver-less cars, with the help of this technology, although possible, it decades away.

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