Seminar In IIT-Delhi To Discuss The Importance Of Panchgavya, To Cure Cancer


In a workshop, that was held in the prestigious IIT-Delhi, a set of 40 proposals were brought by the researchers and developers. These proposals included the like of setting up a “gau vigyan (cow science) university”. The university would look into the anti-cancer properties of the cow urine.

Cow Urine Helps Increase Immunity And Reduces Cancer

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The workshop was arranged to discuss the health benefits of Panchgavya, that is, the products that we get from cows. Namely, curd, milk, ghee, urine and dung. In the seminar, some of the most eminent scientists and researchers were welcomed, who discussed mainly the ways in which Panchgavya can be used to enhance the medical fields and also the development of the rural parts of the nation.

Professor RS Chauhan of the College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences in Uttarakhand claimed that according to his research on certain breeds of cows, the urine of the animal helps cure cancer and also enhances the immunity system. The professor, however, said that the experiment is yet to be done on human beings.

Talking about the gau vigyan university, Hemant Purohit from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute at Pune said that in the university, a combination of the ancient knowledge along with the modern sciences would be taught. Commenting on the same subject, union minister Harsh Vardhan said that people must look beyond religious sentiments when it comes to the cows. He also stated that cows do hold a soft spot for the people of the nation.

Harsh Vardhan suggested that our focus must be on researching about the facts and benefits of the Panchgavya and publishing it in some reputed journal.

Professor VK Vijay, who was the coordinator of the workshop named Scientific validation and research on Panchgavya, said that a steering committee would approve some of the projects. The program, which was backed by the Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan, which functions under the HRD and science and technology ministries.

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