Robotic Hand To Ease Life For The Disabled


Technology now helps you grab you all that you want, without even moving your hand. Here is one of the most interesting inventions of the recent days. The researchers of the University of Minnesota have come up with a robotic arm. This arm would do everything that one would ask it to do, and one can control it with the help of their mind. This seems to be a major breakthrough for the entire robotic world as a whole.

Researchers Claim That This Is A Major Break-Through For The Disabled

Picture Courtesy: Engineering Evil

This is one of the best inventions till date. The simple reason behind this is that it would be of real help to any disabled person. This scientific breakthrough seems to bring a complete revolution to the lives of millions of those.

A biomedical engineering professor of the University said that 8 human subjects could control the arm, using a noninvasive BCI device. He further said, that this would stop the risk and the cost associated with the invasive BCI, which is mainly based on surgeries and implants.

The technology involves the electroencephalography (EEG), which helps record the activity of the brain. The signals are processed and the artificial intelligence is tested by the EEG which finally helped them come out with the physical action.

The testing process of the technology was not that simple either. The subjects m who were supposed to take part in the experiment had to first learn to control a cursor on a monitor screen. This help them understand the exact way in which the arm is to be controlled.

The subjects were then taken for the testing of the latest technology. The objective was that, they had to pick up an object and put them on a three layered shelf. While all the participants were able to do the same, the precision varied between 70-80 percent.

This is a big break-through and it seems that this fascinating futuristic project. This project is all set to make the life of the disabled easier in the days to come. However, this is not the only technology that has come up to help the disabled. Many others are already in use and way too many that are there in the testing phases.

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