SAARC Countries Back Out From The Summit To Be Held In Pakistan


The target of India, for boycotting Pakistan seems to have reached a greater success on Tuesday. SAARC summit, which was scheduled to be held in Pakistan on 18th of September 2016 has been hit with a major blow. India, along with three other nations, namely Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan has pulled themselves out of the meeting, citing “unsuitable environment” as the reason behind the same.

SAARC Countries Decide To Boycott Pakistan

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India had sent their decision to the SAARC chair, Nepal earlier the same day, while the other three nations followed the same move. India had cited the reason as the increasing violence in the Indian parts as a reason to boycott the meeting. The latest attacks in Uri are the examples of the same. Afghanistan too claimed the violence imposed on the state as a reason to boycott the meeting. However, Bangladesh had something similar to say, when they did claim that they were not happy with the fact that some other country constantly nagging in the internal affairs of the state. Bhutan, on the other hand, stated unfavourable environments as the reason for them not attending the SAARC summit 2016.

Four countries deciding to stay out of the summit, surely hurts the sentiments of the summit essentially, as the total number of participating nation in the summit will be reduced to 4.

Overall, this seems to be a very favourable condition for India, who ever since the Uri attacks are trying to isolate the neighbouring country. The nation has gone through a lot of reforms in the mindsets ever since that. The foreign minister of the nation, Sushma Swaraj in the UN summit too claimed for the isolation of Pakistan. Apart from that, a few cases are lodged in the US, seeking the idea of categorising Pakistan as a terrorist state and isolating the same. India also is looking forward to taking some action against the neighbours. While some of the activists have called on the cross-border, Pakistani stars to leave the nation for good, the authorities have come up with an even more serious agenda, that is the water treaty that the two nations share.

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