US Warns Islamabad To End Tolerance Of Cross-Border Terror


According  to a news report on Dawn Newspaper today ,US in no uncertain terms has warned Islamabad to end its tolerance of cross-border terror.

The Obama administration, while conveying this message to the Pakistani Government, has said that Islamabad has to make a decisive shift in its policy of tolerance towards externally-focused groups. These comments were made by Richard Olson, US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan to the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday.

US Warns Islamabad To End Tolerance Of Cross-Border Terror

Olson, who was the US ambassador in Islamabad before taking up his current position said “
“US officials have been very clear with the most senior Pakistani leadership that Pakistan must target all militant groups without discrimination- including those that target Pakistan’s neighbours – and close all safe havens.”

Olson further underlined that the US plans to fully support the Delhi-Kabul relationship including through the revival of US-India-Afghanistan trilateral talks, which will take place next week on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, despite Pakistan’s negative position on India-Afghanistan relations.

Olson further added, “We welcomed India’s provision of training and non-lethal security assistance to Afghanistan and its significant development contributions over the past decade-plus.”

However, Olson also didn’t fall short of welcoming Pakistan army chief Gen Raheel Sharif’s July statement, in which he directed his military commanders, intelligence agencies, and law-enforcement agencies to take concrete measures to deny any militant group safe haven or the use of Pakistani soil to launch terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.     

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