US Presidential Election Candidates Overview 2016


Elections are one of the most essential and important times in the political life of any nation. But, when the nation at hand is America, it becomes a global concern. Apart from being a superpower, the American economy affects every other nation’s economy, which is why everyone is interested in their election.

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2016 will witness the 58th presidential election for the United States. After being in office for the last two terms, now it is time for Obama to leave the chair to a new heir. This has led to a fierce battle between the Democrats and the Republicans. However, there are a few more parties who could be strong competition to the two major parties, including the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, and several other small parties.

After great discussion and speculation, the presidential candidates of all the parties have now been made official. Hillary Clinton will bear the flag of the Democrats, and the Republicans will be represented by Donald Trump. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are the declared presidential candidates of the Libertarian Party and the Green Party, respectively.

Hillary Clinton has had a long political career and is a former Secretary of State. After declaring herself as a candidate for president, she was victorious as the forerunner against all other candidates from the Democratic party. Trump is a well-known businessman and is also known as a television personality, author, and politician. This 70-year old has been nominated by the Republicans as their party leader. Gary Johnson won the nomination as the representative from the Libertarians with the votes of 55.8% of the delegates. The Green Party has bestowed their confidence in Jill Stein, who will be running for president and has bagged 336 electoral votes.

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