13 More Cities To Be Converted To Smart Cities. Raipur, Ranchi, New Town Among Others.


After the list of 20 cities that had been selected in January by the Union Ministry to become “smart cities”, the next round was announced by the Union Ministry today. Ranchi, Agartala and New Town, Kolkata are among 13 cities to make the list.


Picture Courtesy: smartcities.ieee.org

Venkaiah Naidu, the Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation minister, announced the list of the 13 cities that will be next in line to become smart cities on May 24. The ones named were Raipur, Port Blair, Ranchi, Agartala, Dharamsala, New Town Kolkata, Faridabad, Bhagalpur, Imphal, Lucknow, Panaji, Warangal, and Chandigarh. These 13 cities have been short-listed among a group of 23 cities that competed for the smart city tag.

These cities will get access to an adequate water and electric supply, and they will be entitled to good governance including e-governance and citizen participation. They will have a sustainable environment and take care of facilities like health and education. These cities will be entitled to robust IT connectivity and also would be the frontiers in digitalization. Apart from this, the other facilities that would be awarded to these cities would be affordable housing for the poor, sanitisation and solid waste management, efficient public transport systems and most importantly, safety and security of the citizens.

Notably, the new government had come up with this idea of the smart cities to idealise a few cities in all states that will be ahead of the others in terms of overall infrastructure, real estate, and communications. These cities will be the frontiers in the field of Information Technology and will help people in every way, with the help of technology.

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