Punjab Government Initiate World’s Largest Single Rooftop Solar Power Plant


The honourable chief minister of Punjab, Prakash Singh Badal, had inaugurated the 11.5 MW Solar Plant located at Beas, 45km away from Punjab. The project begins with the invaluable corporations of Radha Soami Satsang Beas Educational and Environmental Society and PEDA. The 139 crore project has made its roots for the next 25 years, and it is expected to reduce carbon dioxide levels significantly. The project will also contribute to enhancing the sources of power to supply over 8,000 homes.

Solar Rooftop

Photo courtesy: media.indiatimes.in

Punjab had made a remarkable step toward air pollution control. A 42-acre single solar plant has been carved out at Amritsar. This project is the world’s largest solar rooftop. The city, known for its famous golden temple, from now on will also be recognised as the home of the biggest single rooftop solar plant.

The solar plant is the most important current project of the state government of Punjab because it will affect the lifecycle of rural and urban areas of the state. This approach to protecting the environment sets a good example for other states in India. The Chief Minister is also marking the approach as a start in making the state an efficient source of power generation with the help of solar energy.

This project is also a significant step in creating public awareness about the ecosystem and encouraging ways to protect it. Punjab is generating 470 Mw of solar power and with 500 Mw within the pipeline, the state will be able to produce close to 1000 MW of solar energy by the end of 2017.

Also, the officials who are a part of this project are going to work on enhancing ways to generate 40,000 MW from different resources by 2022.

 The solar rooftop inauguration is a significant approach to the government as the area has over 82 acres on eight rooftops.

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