Shakira Net Worth 2019

Shakira Net Worth , Earning & Salary 2019

Before the 2010 Football World Cup was on the brink of began and the world was desperately waiting for their key players to squash the world cup, a well known artist had thrilled them even the players and enthralling them with a most known song of that year Vaka Vaka!! Yes friends, we are talking about the electrifying singer, Shakira. A Columbian singer who had now, not only gained famed in her mother country but also over gained  the stream of success around the world. She had till now released an enormous number of songs which makes you tap on dance in any way.  Shakira net worth is 220 million dollars. She had a self determined made women which had achieved a class of popularity with a quick span of time.

How Much  Shakira Net Worth Is – 220 Million Dollar  

Shakira Net Worth

Shakira Biography : A Melodious Tale

Shakira was born on Second of February 1977. Her  full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. Shakira was very fond of writing poems which gradually raised her interest towards songs. She started taking part on school singing competitions which lead her destiny to meat Columbian executives which after impressed by her vocals released her debut album Megia (1991). A thunder of hit albums contains best songs of Shakira then by released including Pies Descalzos (1995), Donte Estan, Oral Fixation, She wolf and Shakira (2014). Her copies of these albums sold on the margins of lakhs generating a huge amount of good net worth.  Beside this Shakira had continued with the live stage shows during 90’s which had represented her along with the most popular artists of that time. Her song Estoy Aqui depicts her melodies voice in such a beautiful way that it ranked second best song on Billboards table.

Her MTV Unplugged leads her to Gramy Award Nomination which she had won. Shakira Sale El Sol had mesmerise the audience and the songs are on lips of every generation. This album Flat topped on the US Billboard (2010) providing Shakira a more commercial success. She is the first person in the world whose fan following graphed to 100 million. An important part of Shakira net worth is also comes by world tours and live performances

Shakira House & Cars 

It is obvious that once gaining a huge commercial success and business output Shakira had began to live a lavish lifestyle. She is currently dwelling on two beautiful well accomplished houses out of which one is at Barcelona and other is at Star Island (Miami Beach). Shakira had put a mark of her success on Earth by purchasing an Island located at Bahamas. Mercedes Benz GLK  and SLK series and BMW are also a part of Shakira net worth which are always ready for the Columbian Cockoo to ride her out of the city.

Shakira had married to Spanish footballer Gerard Pique on 2010 and the couple is blessed with two babies.

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