Mahesh Bhupathi Net Worth 2019

Mahesh Bhupathi Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

India has always been a cricket loving nation and the love for cricket is so much so that the nation has always neglected any other sports or sport stars related to any other sports. However, this has never stopped the enthusiastic people taking up the sports and continuing their careers in the same. The other sports although less supported by the government and less well known, they help the players shine as the competition in getting to a higher position or representing the state or even the nation is higher than that of the well known ones which lets them think about alternate source of earning and income. Having said that, it must also be mentioned that the players from the other sports fields should be respected for the efforts they make to establish the sports and themselves in the nation. Here we would be talking about one such tennis star, who has done enough for the nation and we would talk about Mahesh Bhupathi net worth, salary, fees, income, earnings and other such details.


mahesh-bhupathi net worth

Mahesh Bhupathi Life and Career

Having said so much about the sports other than that of cricket, we would like to come up with one of the most well known and reputed sport star from another sports and that’s Mahesh Bhupathi from tennis. Mahesh Bhupathi, one of the most well known faces in India and also in world tennis which also makes Mahesh Bhupathi earnings one of the highest all across nations. The owner of many grand slam titles is one of those super stars of the nation that has made the people of the nation proud at various instances and over and over again. His duo with the great Leander Paes was the best Indian Men’s Double team ever. He had also paired up with the Indian tennis beauty Sania Mirza to win many mixed doubles titles which increased both popularity and salary of the star. He was the first Indian to win a grand slam which made Mahesh Bhupathi net worth shoot the sky. This very super star in his attempt to make the sports famous in the nation and also across the world has invented the International Premier Tennis League. The famous tennis star was born in the year 1974 in Chennai, although in the present day one would find him shifted to Bangalore. After being married to model Shveta Jaishankar for 7 long years, from 2003 to 2010, they parted their ways as the tennis ace was said to have affairs with the Bollywood beauty Lara Dutta, later they married and now they have a daughter called Saira. The duo owns a production company, which is called Big Daddy Productions which also supports Mahesh Bhupathi income seriously. Bhupathi’s tennis career lasted from 1995 to 2014 which is surely his major source of earnings. He has the career best ranking of 217 which he has listed in 1998 and in the doubles he has been able to be on the top of the table in 1999. His life is an inspiration to any of the young budding tennis player and also the net worth of Mahesh Bhupathi surely affects the minds of the youngster who are all buckled up for a great career in the game of tennis.

Mahesh Bhupathi Net Worth: $ 5.63 million

The tennis star has been into professional tennis and has earned a lion’s share of the total worth shown. Apart from the well known stated fact, his production house Big Daddy Productions, also, he started with the International Tennis premier league and these two also act heavily to boost the net worth of Mahesh Bhupathi. The tennis star resides in Bangalore and has another house in Mumbai.

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