Sourav Ganguly Net Worth 2019

Sourav Ganguly Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

One of the most popular faces of Indian cricket is Sourav Ganguly, the captain who has helped the nation win with a difference. Popularly known as the Prince of Kolkata, Sourav Chandidas Ganguly has been one of the most popular athletes in the nation for a few decades now. Ganguly had one of the most appealing histories in cricket universe. He has always set up a bench mark on the field. Then let it be with his batting where he is the third person in the history of the game to score 10,000 runs in ODI only and also 100 wickets in the same format. He is among very few of the players in the world to have the feat of having 10000 runs and also 100 or more wickets in his name.


Sourav Ganguly Biography

Born and brought up in one of the Brahmin families of the state of West Bengal in India. From his early childhood, Ganguly had a keen interest in football. The goal post and the corners had more of his attention than the gloves, pad and the bat. However as destiny had planned, he was introduced to the world of cricket by his brother Snehashish Ganguly and somewhere amidst here lies the secret how a right handed person became a left handed batsman. Dada, as Ganguly is popularly called across the nation and especially in Bengal, is a right handed person, but in order to just fit in to the gloves and accessories of his brother he started batting as a lefty and ever since he has become one of the most popular left hand batsmen of all times. Here we will try to present to you an inner view of Sourav Ganguly earnings, salary and net worth.

Sourav Ganguly Net Worth

Cricket Challenges:

The Bengal tiger started off his career on a high note with a century on his debut test at the Lords, popular called the Mecca of Cricket. Soon enough he led the team as the captain and all these at the hard time, when the team was going through a very hard and challenging phase. Sourav Ganguly is reputed to be the most inspiring and successful test captain that the country has had. He is also considered by a few as the main creator of the Indian team that we see now. He has as many as 11,363 runs in ODI and 7212 runs in the test matches throughout his career. And the success in the game of cricket surely made him a favorite among the people across the world and that is just the reason why Sourav Ganguly net worth has raised subsequently from endorsements and advertisements.

Sourav Ganguly Earnings, Salary and Net Worth:

The fifth highest run scorer in the history of the game has a earning of 55.5 million USD as of the present day. The player was once during his hay day’s one of the most highly paid cricketer for advertisements and other stuffs. Sourav Ganguly net worth got a boost from his career in IPL. He hosts a major Bengali television show, which is called Dadagiri, for which Sourav Ganguly salary is quiet high. He also owns the Kolkata franchise of the ISL, in association of few other others, the team is called Atletico De Kolkata. We hope that Dada reaches out to become the most prominent player of the world cricket now that he is into commentating and other prominent official works of the Indian and the Bengal cricket board.

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