Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth 2019

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth, Earning & Salary 2019

Hollywood movie Titanic is the most viewing movie among every age class. If you talked about that you must remember the cute, charming boy Jack Dawson. Yes, we are talking about that boy real image the actor-producer Leonardo Dicaprio. Leonardo Dicaprio is perhaps the most lovable actor among teens in Hollywood. Born as Leonardo Wilhelm Dicaprio on 11 November 1974, he had started acting with commercial ads and super hit show Santa Barbara (1993). With a spanning acting career of 25 years, Dicaprio had attracted the audience with his dainty image. Leonardo DiCaprio present net worth is 217 million US dollars. He marked price money of 25 million dollars for per movie.

 Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth 2019 – 217 Million Dollar

Leonardo Dicaprio Net Worth

Early Life And Acting Career

Dicaprio had marked his charming personality impact on televisions show which led him involvement in Hollywood. From Critters 3 he had debuted in Hollywood movies. After few commercial hits like The Basketball Diaries (1995), Dicaprio achieves the feather in the cap with Titanic (1997) the most successful movie ever made.  After this, he had gained class celebrity status with movies like Catch me if you can (2002), The Gangs of New York, The Departed and Revolutionary Road. For his admirable portrait in The Aviator (2004) and The Revenant (2015) movies, he got Best Actor Golden Globe Award. His huge success him towards commercial works, as he set down his own production house with Worner Bros. His 11th Hour and Wolf of Wall Street (2013) are the biggest commercial success of releasing year

Leonardo Dicaprio Cars, Houses

Leonardo Decaprio is die hearted environmental activist. He had made several projects, charities and campaigns against pollution and global warming. Also, he had best captured in media as well as in his fan’s heart because of millions of dollars donation in a natural disaster, education funds etc. Decaprio is a well-known business partner in Diamond Foundry. Decaprio cars include a wide range of assortments of Toyota Prius, Tesla Roadster and Fisker Karma. Dicaprio had a collection of properties which includes Villas, Hotels, Beach and Resorts. Decaprio is having these villas at posh locations of New York, Oriole Way,and  Malibu. His ad line includes TOYOTA, Catch me Smartphone, Wagon R and many more brands which had always doubled his income.

Leonardo Dicaprio Age, Car, House, Wife, Girlfriend, Height & Weight

Nickname Leo , Lenny D

Leonardo Dicaprio  Brothers/Sister-  –

Date of Birth / Birth City  November 11, 1974  /

Los Angeles, California, United States

Leonardo Dicaprio  Height In Feet6

Leonardo Dicaprio  Age41

Leonardo Dicaprio  House Location –  New York, Oriole Way and  Malibu (US)

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