Neymar Net Worth 2019

Neymar Net Worth, Salary, Annual Income 2019

Brazil had always dominated soccer with his attacking, thundering style of playing. With most number of World Cup wins Brazil had produce top players in soccer. Neymar, member of Brazil International Football Team is the man which had achieved a huge of success in today’s world. Born on 5 Feb 1992 at Sao Paulo Brazil to a famous club footballer Neymar Santos Sr, he had developed football skills earlier in his childhood. Neymar present net worth is 31 million dollars which can be a surprising amount for a youth in his age.

Neymar Net Worth 2019 – 31 Million Dollar

Neymar Net Worth

Neymar Biography: A Saga of Success  

Neymar full name is Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior (Neyman Jr). He had started playing for clubs like Real Madrid and Santos FC. Neymar Jr. had scored 44 goals in his 64 appearances  in the international soccer team, and started gaining fame from club football. One of his achievements includes goal of the year in 2011. He was purchased by FC Barcelona costing amount of 45 Million Dollars by 2013 where he is playing alongside Messi. Neymar is the most demandable player & rising soccer superstar. International football, club soccer, ads and endorsements totally helps the star to earn an annual income of 10 million Euros. Neymar had made an extensive net worth in just 23 years of age.

Earning and Income

2010 marked this player debut against the US where he scored a goal. He had listed among best players in Copa America tournament. In summer Olympics he had stunned the world with his thrilling Hat trick performance against China. Neymar was outstanding in 2014 World cup scoring in almost every match he had played until an injury caused the smashing player to drawn out form the WC.  Time magazine had delineated this rising star in their front cover on 2013. Neymar is also caught the camera by his hair style and earrings. Neymar earn 5 lakh dollars per month.

Neymar House & Property

Neymar owns some luxuries flats on his homeland Sao Paulo. His flats are designed with best interior architects with facilities of swimming pool and various others. Audi, Porsche and Panamera are some of the alluring cars owned by this dashing Brazilian footballer. He had signed with contract deals as endorsement with Nike and Beats boots, Gillette and Police Eye wear cost him around 14 million dollars annual grossing. Neymar is kind hearted for Charity as he spent a part of his income in charity work. He had participated in few matches organized in favor for charity work.

Neymar Personal Details

Height: Approx 5 feet 9 inch

Weight: Around 67 KG

Positioning Style: Attacking Midfielder

Playing Style: Dribbling, Slide Cut

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