Grant Hill Net Worth 2019

Grant Hill Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

Grant Henry Hill was born on October 5th in 1972, he is a retired American professional basketball player. Grant Henry net worth makes him one of the highest-earning players in the National Basketball Association. He went on to play for four teams in his entire career which include the Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, and the Detroit Pistons. He was listed at 6 ft 8 in tall and weighed 102 kg. In this article, we’ll discuss the net worth of Grant Henry and various Grant his income sources.

How Much Grant Hill Net Worth 2019 – $180 Million

Grant Hill Net Worth

Grant Hill – The Hero Orlando Magic Once Had

Born in Dallas, Texan, Grant Hill was in high school when he moved to Reston, Virginia with his family. Grant Hill earning a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Political Science and History while attending Duke University made his parents very proud. He even went on to win two NCAA Championships at the Duke University. After graduating from the Duke University he was drafted with the third pick in the NBA draft by the Detroit Pistons. Grant Hill net worth is so high because of his long 18 professional seasons in the NBA. Not only did he play for Detroit Pistons, in the season between 2000-2007 he played for the Orlando Magic and for the Phoenix Suns between 2007-2012. The years of 2007- 2012 were very crucial in Grant Hill income. In 2013, Grant Hill retired after playing his final season with the Los Angeles Clippers. Being part of the USA basketball team in 1996 he went on to win an Olympic gold medal in Atlanta. He was given the title of NBA All-Star seven times, ACC player of the year in 1994 and has scored more than 17 thousand points, pulled down 6 thousand rebounds and has had more than 4 thousand assists in his entire career. He was also inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame in 2014. He married in his wife Tamia in July 1999 and is currently blessed with two children. The best phase of Grant Hill salary was in the season of 2006-2007 and was paid a salary of whopping $16,901,500 by the Orlando Magic.

Grant Hill Net Worth Sources

The $180 million net worth of Grant Hill makes him one of the richest players in the history of NBA. His career was very long and lasted for 18 long seasons. Grant Hill earned totals to $140 million as a salary in the NBA career. He also earned close to about $80 million from endorsements In his playing days for the Orlando Magic, the Grant Bill Salary was increased by close to a million dollars every year. He is currently 44 years old and is planning to invest in business ventures, which will increase Grant Hill net worth more and more.

Grant Hill Age, Car, House, Wife, Height & Weight

NicknameG Money

Grant Hill Wife/Girlfriend Tamia

Grant Hill Sister/Brother

Date of Birth / Birth City5 October 1972 / Dallas, Texas, United States

Grant Hill Height Feet6 ft 8 in

Grant Hill Weight102 kg

Grant Hill Age- 44

Grant Hill Car

Grant Hill House Location Windermere, Florida, United States

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