Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2019

Kevin Garnett Net worth, Earning and Salary 2019

Born on 19th may, 1976, Kevin Maurice Garnett is a former professional basketball player from America. Kevin Garnett played in the National Basketball Association for 21 seasons at positions including power forward and center. National player of the year award and 1995 McDonald’s All-American at Farragut Career Academy were some of  Kevin Garnett earnings when he was in high school. The 1995 drafts were a gateway for him into the NBA and he went on to became the only player who was ever drafted just after high school in 20 years. This article is to have a close look at the net worth of Kevin Garnett.


He was the second of his mother’s three children. His parents never married and separated soon after his birth. He grew up with his mother and his stepfather with whom he never actually used to get along.Kevin Garnett net worth is majorly through his NBA career. He played for three teams in his entire career. Kevin Garnett started his journey with the Minnesota Timberwolves and then went on to play for the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets. He was born in Greenville and the most of his childhood years were spent in Maudlin. Kevin Garnett loved playing basketball even when he was a kid and that helped his make his career in the sport. He had some trouble in Maudlin in the later phase of his life and then he decided to move to  Farragut Career Academy in Chicago.  Kevin Garnett earning the nickname, Mr. Basketball was a result of his hard work on the high school basketball team. Kevin Garnett since then, he has earned the nicknames  KG recently, The Franchise,  The Big TicketDa Kid. Kevin Garnett earnings started just after his high school as he started playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He has once been voted the Most Valuable Player of the year 2004 after he helped his team Timberwolves in the Western Conference Finals in the 2003-04 season.In the 2000 Olympics, he even won the gold medal and was the NBA defensive player of the year in 2008. He also helped his team win the NBA in 2008.

Kevin Garnett Income Sources:

The major part of Kevin Garnett net worth is from his salary as an NBA player and endorsements. By 2004 Kevin Garnett was a very well known name across the globe for his performance and that is the phase when the world was shocked as Kevin Garnett salary was alone $28,000,000. In that year he even went on to sign a contract extension with the Boston Celtics for a whopping $60 million, this too had a huge impact on the net worth of Kevin Garnett. He even earned more than $10 million from endorsements every year.


Kevin Garnett Age 40 years

Kevin Garnett Nickname Big Ticket

Kevin Garnett Date of Birth/Birth City 19 May 1976/ Greenville, South Carolina

Kevin Garnett Sibling – 2 Sisters and 1 Brother

Kevin Garnett Car – 

Kevin Garnett House – Malibu

Kevin Garnett Spouse Brandi Padilla

Kevin Garnett Height 2.11 m

Kevin Garnett Weight 115 Kgs

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