Ben Affleck Net Worth 2019

Ben Affleck Net Worth, Earnings And Income 2019

Ben Affleck is an American actor, screen writer and producer. He is known for his various high-profile films like “Good Will Hunting”, “Gone Girl” and others. A highly talented man who has received several awards Ben is a common name due to his popularity. And this popularity has the greatest share to give to his efforts and all the pain that he takes to come up with the best work that he can possibly come up with. Subsequently, the net worth of Ben Affleck has increased over the years. Here in this article, we will discuss the net worth,earning and sources of Ben Affleck.


Ben Affleck Net Worth

Ben was born in California on 15th August 1972. His first acting appearance was when he was seven years old in the Dark End Of The Street. He took to learning drama classes in high school. The short appearances that he landed back then made the starting of the Ben Affleck earnings. In 1992, came to his first major break in the career with the movie School Ties soon to be followed by Dazed and Confused,Chasing Army and Mallrats. He was the romantic protagonist in Kevin Smith’s Chasing Army. Thus the Ben Affleck salary had a hike in no time. Films like “Argo”, “Batman v Superman”, “Armaggedon”, “Dawn of Justice” made him very popular and helped him earn a true celebrity status and the Ben Affleck net worth also increased.Ben is a deft man in the field of cinema making his mark in Hollywood among the top most bracket of actors is indeed an uphill task, but the ease with which he as reached the epitome of success is unbelievable. He has been part of different genres of the movie whether it is romance, comedy or any sensitive issue. He is a co-founder of the production company LivePlanet giving people a platform to produce their creative vision as screen writers. In the coming years, we are surely going to many more blockbusters coming from him which ensures us that the Ben Affleck net worth will further increase.

Ben Affleck Net Worth Sources

The net worth of Ben Affleck is very high which is in sync with his career. The Ben Affleck income has mostly been from his acting career, shows,his work as a screenplay writer, and producer. He has also endorsed several brands adding to his earnings. With the wonderful movies he is making surely in the near future his net worth is going to increase further.

Ben Affleck Age, Car, House, Spouse Height & Weight


Ben Affleck Spouse Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck Sister/Brother- Casey

Date of Birth / Birth City 15 Aug 1972/ California(U.S.)

Ben Affleck Height Feet6’2.25″

Weight98 Kg (Approx)

Ben Affleck Age44

Ben Affleck CarAudi S8, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes GL 350,Lexus RX, Land Rover, Tesla Model S

Ben Affleck House LocationLOS Angeles

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