Ola Net Worth 2019

Ola Networth, Income Source, Share Price & Turnover 2019

The Ola app is a very young online transportation network company and the very first of its own kind. The app was launched in 2011 comes as a sigh of relief for people travelling with the public mode of transport. The net worth of Ola is very high due to its demand among the people. Ola is a revolution of it’s kind helping people to make their lives easier by travelling hassle free. Here in this article, we present an insight into the Net Worth of Ola and it’s various income sources.



Ola Company Foundation And History

Ola is the brain child of two young Indian techies Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. It was basically a startup from their side to reduce the problems of the people of Mumbai due to severe traffic and transportation issues. Ola is the trade name for the company ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Ola was founded in December 2010 and its full functioning started from 2011. The Ola app started getting support from people and in no time the Ola income increased. Starting from Mumbai Ola soon made its way through 100 cities and more than 20,000 cars were running efficiently for the service. In various cities Ola made trial phases just to check it’s acceptance by the people. Ola is highly user friendly due to its easy availability and economical aspect. During the trial period Ola expanded to incorporate autos in various cities in India like Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Ola has made the lives of people smarter,faster and better. Expanding its network it is the giant of online transportation network company. The net worth of Ola increased substantially. Ola with its types of services to suit any kind of customer be it the economical way of travelling or the luxury one is a huge pick for people. The cabs are reserved through a mobile app. In today’s modern world where each one of us have access to smartphone and the internet it just takes a click on the app to book us for the ride. The app automatically tracks down our location showing us the available cars in our locality. After booking the desired ride the confirmation details are sent to us. The app provides us with cash and cashless payment options too. Ola net worth has basically increased due to these benefits. Safety issues are not there with this app as they are considered to be usually safe with the driver’s identity totally given to the customer during the ride. The Ola earnings have leaped significantly due to its growing popularity among the people and its increasing demand. In October 2014 the company claimed to have 80% share of the taxi market. In 2016 Ola has launched its two additional services namely outstation and rental. Rental is based on hiring a car on hourly package basis and outstation is for the intercity trip with two hours prior information on the Ola app. Ola net worth has increased since it has opened other services such as Ola Money, Ola Corporate, Ola Cafe, Ola Store and Ola Shuttle. Ola has recently made a tie up with Mahindra Services to increase the number of vehicles operating, in return Ola net worth has increased.


The net worth of Ola comes basically from the gross commission of 15-20% of the whole ride. With its expanding network and demand the net worth being high is not a surprise at all. Ola app is said to have 1 million rides per day. The company has also shifted to other services generating revenue from them. The tie-up with Mahindra is also economically beneficial for Ola.


Company Type Public

Establishment Year 2010

Ola Headquarter Bangalore, India

Founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati

Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Company Products online transportation network company

Website www.olacabs.com

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