Andy Murray Net Worth 2019


Andy Murray is a Scottish Tennis player acing past every contender with his skills and expertise.
He is originally from Scotland and his passion for the game was from his childhood days. He started his professional career from 2005. Within this short span of time, the net worth of Andy Murray has increased by a huge leap. He is a winner in his field bagging Grand Slam, Wimbledon, the Olympics and much more. His initial training and love for tennis came from his mother. With strong determination and will power Murray has definitely secured a top position in the world among skilled players. Here in this article, we will have a look at the net worth, earning and sources of Andy Murray.



Andy Murray Net Worth

Murray was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 15th May 1987. His parents were Judy and William Murray. He started taking tennis lessons since he was an infant. Soon he started getting hold of the game and excelling in it. In 2004 he became the world’s topmost Junior level player with BBC declaring him as the “Young Sports Personality of The Year”. Andy Murray salary had a hike soon after this as he stepped into his professional career. In 2005 he defeated the top ranked Roger Federer and also Andy Roddick. Murray started winning all the tournaments that came his way and finally stole the spotlight totally on him. His next step to success was defeating Rafael Nadal in the 2008 U.S. Open. He holds the consistent record over the years placing within the bracket of top most players.This stability has helped me make his way through each game. Soon the Andy Murray income had a peak due to his flourishing career and brighter future. In 2012 he reached the finals of Wimbledon and achieved ultimate success for his native land. At the Summer Olympics in 2012, Murray got his first gold medal. Murray is the title holder of total three Grand Slam and many other noteworthy tournaments. He is a Davis Cup champion ousting all the other potential players. 2016 has been a notable year for Murray he won his Second Wimbledon Title. The net worth of Andy Murray started increasing. Also at the Rio Olympics Murray gave an outstanding performance where he became the first player in the world to grab two gold medals in the tennis singles. This victory took him to the No.1 position. With all these achievements by his side Andy Murray earnings increased by a huge amount. A bright career ahead of him there is surely more to expect from this Scottish player.

The net worth of Andy Murray is definitely very high with a whooping $ 48 Million. Not being in this game for a long time his income proves his potency as a player. Andy Murray net worth is basically due to the tournaments he wins, the prize money obtained from there and definitely the salary of him. Andy endorses various brands like Adidas, Jaguar, Under Armour, RADO and others. Within such a short span this young player has achieved loads. In the coming years, we are certain that the Andy Murray net worth will surely increase.

Andy Murray Age, Car, House, Husband, Spouse, Height & Weight

Andy Murray Nickname Muzzard

Andy Murray Spouse Kim Sears

Andy Murray Sister/Brother- Jamie Murray

Date of Birth / Birth City15 May1987 / Glasgow,U.K.

Andy Murray Height Feet5’4″

Weight84 Kg (Appox)

Andy Murray Age29

Andy Murray Car- Ferrari 

Andy Murray House LocationOxshott, Surrey

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