Edward Snowden Net Worth 2019

Edward Snowden Net worth, Earning and Salary 2019
Edward Snowden is a computer programmer by profession with a huge intellect. He is a former National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor who was in the headlines of every news possible when he had leaked secret information about NSA activities. A former Central Intelligence Agency employee Snowden had access to several highly confidential documents. While working with these agencies on their surveillance programs he had noticed the interference of these agencies on the live’s of common people with access to the internet. This article provides an insight into the Net worth of Edward Snowden, his Earnings and Sources of income.


Edward Snowden Net Worth

Edward Snowden was born in North Carolina in 1983. He was a school dropout having a passion and desire to learn computer coding and programming. He took training in computer science from Community College and during this course training he had gained immense knowledge and experience about this subject. He was also into Special Forces Training of the Army Reserves but unfortunately, could not continue due to an injury. He first took his job as a security guard at the Maryland’s University Centre which had a tie- up with the National Security Agency. This is where Edward Snowden earnings started growing. By his deft skills, Snowden made a place for himself in the Information Technology cell of the Central Intelligence Agency which made Edward Snowden salary increase by a huge amount. Snowden is known as a “Computer Wizzard” with his deep understanding and sense of the subject. Coming from humble background did not deter him in his career vision.He then moved on to work with private tech wizards like Dell, Booz Allen Hamilton, from where Edward Snowden income got a boost, owing to his professional expertise.
Due to his sensational release of the high-profile secret documents of the investigation agencies Snowden had to live in exile. Many documentaries were made on him and people showed immense interest and there was support too for this young courageous man.

Edward Snowden Net Worth Sources

Edward Snowden Net Worth is a hefty $ 8.4 Million. He is an eminent figure as being the man responsible for revealing the secret documents. For every remote speaking engagements, his salary is very high. Over the recent years, he has made $ 200,000 from these engagements. His price per appearance whether it be any public speaking forum or as a guest lecturer has been nearly about $ 25,000. Snowden after his sensational revelations has increased his market value with huge craftiness and in the coming years, there will be surely much more added to the net worth of Edward Snowden.


Nickname Edowaado,Phish

Edward Snowden wife / girl Friend Lindsay Mills

Edward SnowdenSister/Brother- Jessica Snowden

Date of Birth / Birth City 21st June 1983 / North Carolina

Edward Snowden Height Feet5’11”

Weight75Kg (Approx)

Edward Snowden Age- 33

Edward Snowden Car

Edward Snowden House LocationWaipahu, Hawaii

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