LeBron James Net Worth 2019

LeBron James Net worth, Earning and Salary 2019

LeBron Raymone James is an American basketball player by profession. He plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. James is a very efficient player. He is one of the premium players in the NBA with his expertise and skills. His passion and love for the game along with his physique and athleticism has led him to reach the pinnacle of success. His income is very high as he is in high demand due to his current athletic status. Here in this article, we will focus on LeBron James net worth, earning and income.


LeBron Net Worth

LeBron James Youth And Childhood:

LeBron James was born on 30th December in Akron, Ohio. Right from his childhood days he was interested in sports and was very good in basketball. His first step towards this was when he got selected by St. Vincent – St.Mary High School to join their basketball team in 1999. He helped the team play well and soon people started recognising him as an athlete who is highly skilled at playing basketball. He was given the title of High School Basketball Player and these were just a beginning to his bright career ahead. At the Senior School level too, he started excelling in this sport and becoming a pro. Soon after this James was selected by NBA as a potent player and he was purchased by the Cleveland Cavaliers with a hefty amount, thus increasing LeBron James salary.
While playing for this team he was awarded the NBA Rookie of the Year Award for his outstanding performance. He had averaged 20 points in the game making him take this position along with three other famous players like Jordan and Robertson. At this young age of twenty, James had already started endorsing various brands thus increasing LeBron James income. In 2004, James made his Olympic debut at the summer games and his team won bronze. He is the NBA All-Star Game a title which he has repeated over these years. He is also bestowed with the title of “The Most Valuable Player”. In terms of personal performance, he has always outshone over the others. H led the Miami Heat to win NBA titles in 2012 and 2013 and also won the third championship for Cleveland in 2016. He is a benevolent and helpful man who has his Jamea LeBron Family Foundation working for single parent families and also for the children in need from 2004.

Sources Of The Net Worth Of LeBron James

The total income of James from NBA is near $ 72, Million. The contribution from LeBron James earning is a massive $ 19.3, Million. He also endorses several brands like Samsung, Microsoft, State Farm and Dunkin Doughnuts and the income from there is $ 53,Million. He is known as the third highest paid athlete currently. Surely in the coming years, this young player is going to increase the net worth of LeBron James.


LeBron James Age 31

LeBron James Nickname King James, The Akron Hammer, The L- Train

LeBron James Date of Birth/Birth City 30th December,1984/ Ohio

LeBron James Sibling Aaron

LeBron James Car Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Maybach and many more

LeBron James House Ohio

LeBron James Spouse Savannah Brinson

LeBron James Height 6’8”

LeBron James Weight 113.4 Kgs

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