Casey Neistat Net Worth 2019

Casey Neistat Net Worth, Biography, Salary 2019

The creator of the interesting and popular TV series “The Neistat Brothers”, Casey Neistat has proved his creative and genius mind though his short documentary movies. His work short documentary movies have gathered much appreciation from the critics. He is also a famous Youtube celebrity and the founder of “Beme” which is a social media platform for video messaging. Beme is a mobile application which is available for download free from Google Playstore and Apple iTunes. The app soon became popular due to its easy interface and minimal design. He created the series “The Neistat Brothers” with the help of his brother Van Neistat. The 8 episode series was bought by HBO at $2 million. Each of the eight episodes has a short story based on the lives of the two brothers. Casey Neistat net worth stands at $ 1.5 million.


Casey Neistat Net Worth 2019 – $1.5 Million, Total Earnings, Income Source, Biography

Casey Neistat Biography

He was in Gales Ferry, Connecticut on 25 March 1981. He spent most of his childhood days in Connecticut. Both his parents were real estate dealers. Until the age of 15, he studied at Ledyard High School. He dropped out from high school in 10th grade and never returned to studies after that. Until the age of 17, he resided in Trailer Park after that he moved to New York City with his brother. Early years of his career were full of struggle and hardships. He also worked as a dishwasher, a cook and as a bike messenger before moving to New York. He met with the artist Tom Sachs in New York which motivated him towards making a film about sculptures. The first film created by Casey Neistat was inspired by Tom Sachs only. He marries his girlfriend Candice Pool in 2013.

The first short film which brought the two brothers in the limelight was “iPod’s Dirty Little Secret” which was about the fact that Apple did not consider their products for battery replacements. This short video made a huge impact and Apple changes its policy of battery replacement. After that, he made two other film series- Science Experiments and Neistat Brothers. Both these series got huge popularity and got positive critic response. He also started his Youtube channel which helped to increase the net worth of Casey Neistat. His daily vlogs posted by him on Youtube further help him to earn more income.

Casey Neistat Net Worth Source

The earning of Casey Neistat started increasing with the start of his career as a film director. Casey Neistat movies are not made for the sole purpose of profit earning but they signify true art in a way. HBO bought the rights of The Neistat Brothers for two million dollars. His Youtube Channel goes by the name of CaseyNeistat and it has over 5 million subscribers which are a source of his regular salary. The Beme App which he owns is also gaining popularity at a fast pace adding another source in Casey Neistat earning. At present, the net worth of Casey Neistat is estimated to be $1.5 million considering all his income source.


Nick Name– –

Casey Neistat Date of Birth–  25 March 1981 (age 35)

Casey Neistat Brother– Van Neistat

Height– 5 ft 10 in or 1.78 m

Weight– 77 Kgs

Profession– Film Maker, Youtuber,Co-founder of Beme

Casey Neistat Wife– Candice Pool

Casey Neistat Car– NA

House– NA

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