Ariana Grande Net Worth 2019

Ariana Grande Net Worth, Biography, Total Earnings 2019

Ariana Grande is a talented singer and actresses who rose to fame in a small interval of time. The young songwriter, singer, the actress has made a fortune for herself through her YouTube music videos and live shows. At such a young age of 23, she has achieved what most people don’t even dream of.  She plays a leading role in TV series “Victorious”. Her role of Cat Valentine is much appreciated by critics for her natural acting ability. She achieved huge popularity among young audience after this role. Ariana Grande Net Worth stands at $26 Million. She uploads music videos on YouTube regularly which get a lot of hits.


How Much Ariana Grande Net Worth 2019 – $26 Million

About Ariana Grande

She was born in Boca Raton, Florida on 26 June 1993. Her father Edward Butera is a Graphic Designer and her mother Joan Grande is the CEO of Hose-McCann Communications. Her mother is of Italian descent. This talented singer had the keen interest in theater since her childhood. She also continued with singing as her hobby parallel with theater. From the age of thirteen, she decided that she want to become a singer and worked hard to achieve her goals.

Ariana Grande Income Source

The talented singer, actor, dancer has earned an estimated $ 940,000 from her acting career in television and movies. Her music videos on YouTube and stage shows have largely contributed to her total income. Her YouTube channel- Grande’s Vivo has over 3 billion views. A Large share of Ariana Grande earnings is made through her YouTube channel. Moreover, various brand endorsements have increased her profit further $10 million.

Her total salary stands at $20 million through various sources like her signed music contract, live shows etc. Currently, Ariana Grande earning is estimated to be $26 million. Her singles, album sales, and product endorsement also contribute significantly in her net worth. Till now she has released three albums- Yours Truly (2013), My everything (2014) and Dangerous Women (2016). All of her album copies were sold in huge number. She was positioned in the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 list for continuous 34 weeks after the release of her first album.

Ariana Grande income took a huge jump since she initially rose to fame in 2012. With a net worth like this, she still stays far behind from the other similar celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. But considering the fact that the other two celebrities got an early start justifies the gap between the similar celebrity’s salary.


Nick Name– Riri, Ari, Little Red

Ariana Grande Birth Date– 26 June 1993

Ariana Grande Boyfriend- Mac Miller

Brother– Frankie Grande

Ariana Grande Height– 5’0″

Weight– 47 Kg

Ariana Grande Car-

House– Florida

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