Nethra Raghuraman Net Worth 2019

 Nethra Raghuraman Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

Modelling in itself is a very competitive profession. Most of those who look forward to trying their luck in the Bollywood industry, try to get into the same through the modelling industry. The modelling industry is, therefore, one of the most competitive industries in the world. Also, it is tough to establish yourself in this particular industry, owing to the fact that new faces keep coming up every single day and all of them are competent enough to be a great model. However, as we say, talent can never hide, there are a few models who have ruled the modelling industry for years. Today, we would be talking about one such model, namely Nethra Raghuraman. Here, we would be discussing Nethra Raghuraman net worth, her salary, income, earnings, fees and much more.


Nethra Raghuraman Net Worth

Nethra Raghuraman The Indian Beauty:

Netgear was born in the year 1976 in Gujarat, in India. She started her modelling career at a quite tender age. She was just 19 years old when she adjourned with the Look Of The Year award for Femina Magazine. This was in the year 1997 and this gave Nethra Raghuraman earnings a tad of help above others. This was beginning of the success story of the great model who went on to inspire many young talents. And also this was the beginning of the first growth of the net worth of Nethra Raghuraman. She then went on to win many other awards. She was then indulged in movies, namely Thakshak and Bhopal Express. Nethra has also been a part of many music videos and promotions which have helped increase Nethra Raghuraman net worth. In the later months of 2011, Nethra got married to Kunal Guha. Kunal Guha is an eminent businessman based in Singapore. He is the son of the late Indian cricketer, Subroto Guha. Nethra has been a part of various movies, Avgat, Chot, Inteqam – The Perfect Game and much more. She has been able to stand out among all the other actors in the movies and thus is one of the most talented actresses. Her acting skills have helped increase the Nethra Raghuraman net worth.

Nethra Raghuraman Earning Sources:

Nethra Raghuraman has been one of the most versatile people that the nation has seen. Owing to the same, she has been a part of various projects and roles, which have helped increase her popularity. She has been a sensation during the days of her movie career. We hope that she would continue to be a part of the same and also keep giving the youth of the nation a reason to look up to her as their idol.

Nethra Raghuraman Age, Car, House, Husband, Boy friend, Height & Weight

Nickname – Nethra

Nethra Raghuraman Husband–  Kunal Guha

Nethra Raghuraman Sister/BrotherMalika Haydon, Amit Haydon

Date of Birth / Birth CityNovember 29, 1976 / Vadodara(India)

Nethra Raghuraman Height Feet

Weight – –

Nethra Raghuraman Age- 40

Nethra Raghuraman Car

Nethra Raghuraman House Location – India

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