Palash Sen Net Worth 2019

Palash Sen Net Worth, Earning and Salary 2019

Indian Bollywood industry is one such industry that has always had quiet a lot of opportunity for quiet many people. Many people are associated with the Bollywood world and the musicians are among the other prevalent ones. However, there are a few of those singers and composers in the musical world, who are more worried to bring out real music to the audience than the commercial aspect of it. To them, quality lyrics is more important than “Char Bottle Vodka” and they are the real torch bearers of Indian music. Today we would be discussing one such person who has kept the melodies of Bollywood live even when most others have changed according to the commercial needs. Today we would be discussing Dr. Palash Sen. Here, we would be discussing Palash Sen net worth, salary, fees, earnings, income and such other details.


Palash Sen Net Worth

Palash Sen-The Melody King:

Palash Sen is from the Bengali background with his father being a Bengali, while his mother is from Dogra heritage. Palash was born in Lucknow and was brought up in Delhi. He has received his MBBS degree from University College of Medical Sciences (UCMS) and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, New Delhi. Palash always wanted to be a noted actor. But being from a Bengali background, he had the creative talent in his blood and later on, Palash went on to explore the same to showcase his singing skills in the band called Euphoria. Palash did form his band in his college days and probably never had the idea that this would later on turn up to be the source of the net worth of Palash Sen. The first song that Palash came up with was Heaven on the Seventh Floor, which was in the fond memories of the hostel room of the college. Euphoria started off with their first album as Dhoom, which was released in the year 1998 and gave a major leap to Palash Sen Earnings. After that, the band has went on to produce some of the most well known and famous songs. The likes of Mayeri and “Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali”. Palash Sen has always been well acclaimed for his melodious songs and this is just the result of which, Palash Sen salary has increased at the fastest rate. Palash Sen has also performed quiet a many events outside the nation and also in other concerts in the nation, which gives a great boost to Palash Sen net worth.

The Sources Of The Net Worth Of Palash Sen:

For a doctor who has had a guitar in his hand more than a stetho, surely the large part of the Palash Sen income comes from the music that he comes up with. Palash Sen music has been revolutionary cause of the fact, this particular band and all the members of the same, were never really driven by the money. All that they had cared about is melody and music and that is basically just why they have emerged as one of the best Indian band ever.

Palash Sen Age, Car, House, Wife, Girl friend, Height & Weight

Palash Sen Nickname – Palash

Palash Sen WifeShalini Sen

Palash Sen Sister/Brother

Palash Sen Date of Birth / Birth CitySeptember 23, 1965/ Lucknow(India)

Palash Sen Height Feet – 

Palash Sen Weight – 

Palash Sen Age- 50

Palash Sen Car

Palash Sen House LocationMumbai

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